Ok, I was getting used to creepy guys asking me out/checking me out/whatever. I can handle that. I’m used to it. I’m used to the Ryans and the Steak n’ Shake Stalkers. I’ve come to accept guys leering at me as a part of my life. (Doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me off but I’m not gonna flip out every time it happens.) But this story just takes the cake.

Last night, Jenn, Nicole and I had a girl’s night. They stayed the night with me and we had pizza and cheesecake and watched, ‘The Upside of Anger’. About 10:30 last night, we went to the grocery store and Blockbuster. In Blockbuster we had picked up TUOA but wanted to see what else they had so we continued browsing. We had already noticed this other group of three (2 girls and a guy) in there with us. Mostly because one of the ladies was wearing a black dress and one of those fake little veils that looks like something out of a Vegas chapel. At one point, we were standing and looking at movies and they passed in front of us. I didn’t see this because A: I’m always completely oblivious to this stuff anyway and B: I was looking down at the bottom shelf of movies. Jenn and Nicole swore up and down that the veil-lady looked me up and down and was all but licking her lips. To quote Jenn, “She was looking at you with sex in her eyes and was all but undressing you!”

Geez! I may not think men are the greatest thing since sliced bread but I’m not going to go that far! It reminds me of a button Sarah D. once had. “I’m not a lesbian. I just hate men.” or something to that effect. I thought the button was hilarious but I didn’t know I’d have to wear it! 😉 We used to get the occasional person of the same sex hitting on one of us at CFA (usually in the drive-thru). But never like that. It was all I could do not to yell, “Jesus loves you!” at her or something. lol. I was sooo not in the mood for any of that. Nicole kept trying to get us to go clubbin and I was like, “Hmmm……smoke, loud music, crowds, men (women?!) pawing at me…..let me pray about it……”

So yeah, that was my nice little introduction to “the other side”. I knew men sucked. Apparently women do too. If you can’t find me tomorrow, I’m probably hiding in a cabin in the woods. 😉

(I’m not as freaked out as I may sound. The three of us were in stitches over it later. It was definitely a new experience though.)