Even though you’re getting on my nerves
I don’t want to cut you with my words
If anger is the color red
Then “Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge
I’m tryin’ not to lose my head”

I should say God bless u
but I want to say f-u
so I’ll just keep my mouth shut
and pray for u later
‘less I become like Darth Vader
and my toungue a light saber

“Blessed are the peacemakers”
Hard to tell that to the movers and shakers
No matter how many times they say
“War equals Peace”
I won’t believe the press release

What if Christians were the last
to sign up for war instead of the first
What will it take to quench our thirst
for money and power
At what point does greed become sour
After a hard day of dropping bombs
does anyone feel the need to take a shower

The Good Book does not say love thy enemy
except for the terrorist
Will the FBI put me on their list
if I choose to resist
and protest through nonviolence
The Gospel can’t be preached in silence

I love this country I just love God more
I want to see the wave of justice fall on every shore
I’m a red-blooded American thanks to the stripes
Not from flags but crucifixion
When Jesus walked the earth he caused friction
He lived with the poor
and he never waged war

We should never use haste
even though the world is a dangerous place
When fear grips our mind
That’s when we need to press rewind
and search the wisdom of the Bible
Only then will we see revival
If Jesus is really Lord
Then someday, somehow
we have to put away our sword

– Rod Gavin

“I love this country, I just love God more.” Amen!