Now, obviously we aren’t walking around in robes with beards and making sacrifices in temples and such. But aren’t we making one (ok, a lot) of the same mistakes the Pharisees of Jesus’ day did? We judge. We condemn. We act high and mighty. We also think we know the mind of God. We think that we are so close to Him and that He has revealed everything to us. God told me to break up with you. God told me to kill him. God told me that you’re lying. God told me when the world is going to end. Bulls***. What was the Pharisees (probably) fatal mistake? They thought they knew the future. They knew exactly how, where and maybe even when the Messiah would come. They thought they knew what he would be like and how he would bring his kingdom about. This is why when Jesus, son of a carpenter from Nazareth, showed up on the scene, they laughed and turned away. “This can’t be the Messiah!” they said. “When he comes, he will overthrow the Roman empire! He will free us from Ceasar’s unjust reign. What good can come from Nazareth?” Plenty, dude. We read the gospels and tend to either laugh at or be bewildered by the Pharisees. “How could they not know? Who did they think they were?” But haven’t we done the same thing? We make predictions and prophecies concerning Jesus’ second coming. How many times have Christians been made to look the fool because some quack got on television and claimed he knew when Judgment would arrive? I was standing in line at Marsh a few weeks ago and one of the tabloids held this headline, “The End of the World: Sept. 25, 2005!” Pack your bags kids! Jesus is obviously coming the 24th. If it was possible for these men of the law who had studied the Torah their entire lives to get it wrong, couldn’t we? If it was possible for them to mis-read, mis-interpret, mis-communicate the prophets of old, who are we to think that we can get it right reading The Bible Code or Left Behind? For that matter, who do the authors of those books think they are? No one knows the mind of God. That seems to be a verse that these “prophets” have managed to skip over.