I swear I’m going crazy. I am truly losing my mind. I remember reading ‘The Baby-sitter’s Club’ books and one of the girl’s moms was always doing this kind of stuff and I remember thinking, “Oh, I hope I don’t get like that.” And now here I am, 9 years later, doing the same stuff. It’s slowly been getting worse. I accidently threw my keys in the trash awhile ago and then tore the house apart looking for them. Sheer mercy of God that I found them before the trash was taken out. My dad found the phone in the dish cabinet awhile back too. I set it on the plates for whatever reason and didn’t remember. But it had to have been me because I was the last one with the phone. More recently Mom found a jar of peanut butter in the bathroom. I do remember that one. And then today I started to put the box of cling-wrap in the fridge. Luckily I caught myself. I’ve been known to try to put cereal in the fridge and milk in the cupboard, misplace my shoes, my phone, my keys (not usually in the trash though), my hairbrush, etc. I’m starting to think that my having children would be a bad, bad idea. “Lauren, where’s Jake?” “Eh……..” Luckily I don’t think I’ve pulled the whole, “Where are my glasses?” “On your head” thing. Yet. At this rate I’m going to need assissted living by the time I’m 25. lol. Oh well. Jesus loves me, even if I’m nuts. πŸ˜€

In other news, today was my last day as a youth sponsor. Josh’s too. Andy gave us a little send off in youth group and told the kids why we were leaving. Hannah hadn’t informed Andy of her decision yet, so he couldn’t send her off as well. It’s going to be weird! I’ve had something on Wed. nights since I was in 2nd grade. But here I am, officially done with College Park. No more youth group or choir or Teknon or VBS or being dragged to 20somethings or the college class. Now I have to figure out what to do with myself.

Church plant was good tonight. (I give that meeting an 8. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding!) We discussed the Bible, of all things. lol. I may have to do a Thoughts On The Bible Part 2. Shane brought stuff up that I hadn’t thought of while typing the other one up. Then a few of us went to Fazoli’s afterwards. My brain was so fried from lack of sleep, I can’t believe I kept up with the conversation. But most of what was being said, I had heard before, so maybe that’s why.

I asked Shane’s opinion of McLaren’s third book in the trilogy. I really appreciated getting his perspective. Up until then, I had all the thoughts going through my brain and a little of what Josh thought. But Hannah and all the people I would usually want to talk to about it hadn’t read it yet. So I was relieved to get a more complete second opinion.

Ok, I think I’m rambling. Better get off here before I say something I regret. (Because I’m so prone to doing that. πŸ˜‰ Hope you all got a good start to the week. Enjoy the last bit of summer! Love and hugs!