Community has become quite the little buzzword, especially in churches these days. It seems everyone is talking about community and how much they want it and how great it is. But then I see the “community” that they’re talking about and I have to think, “That’s not real community.” Maybe it works for them. Maybe they’re working their way up. But to me it isn’t real, in your face, constantly in each other’s lives community. But, as I’ve stated previously, I’m a cynic. 🙂

Community involves things that a lot of people aren’t willing or don’t have the time to give. It involves hard work. Transparencey. Allowing people to see you at your worst. Allowing people to love you in spite of it. Most people don’t want that, despite what they may claim. There are days I don’t want it. It’s scary. I want people to see me with my best foot foward. Pulled together, hair in place, not a care in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not life. As least it isn’t mine! My hair is almost never in place, pulled together is remembering to put shoes on before I run out the door and not a care in the world? Well, maybe if I get rid of my family, friends, job, car, computer……yeah. Not happening. And there are days, even weeks, where all I want to do is pull away and hide inside myself. Obviously there’s a time for that. Sometimes you just have to get away and regroup, collect your thoughts. But most of the time what I need is someone to give me a kick in the butt and say, “Get over yourself!” That’s why I’ve surrounded myself with people like Shane, Hannah, Crystal, Sheryl, Josh, etc. They know when to listen, when to let me be alone and when to say, “It’s not about you!”

I think that if people truly knew what community involved, they’d think it through a little more before diving in. Because now what we have are people who say that they want community but then when we call them out on something, they get defensive. They say they want commnunity but then they push everyone away. They act all hardcore and tough and then wonder why no one wants to be around them. They purposely offend and wonder why people don’t want to be their friend. I have some friends like that and I just want to shake them. You can’t be fake in community. Don’t cuss to be cool. Don’t act holier-than-thou. Don’t act like you have it all together. Just be yourself. Not to be corny but be who God made you to be. Bring all your quirks, bad habits, fears, issues, problems and baggage with you. But remember: you have to allow for us to have those things as well. We’re all human and we all have struggles. But that’s what community is for. Helping one another through the struggles and equipping one another so that we can be better servants to the world.