….is me throwing you under a bus.

I do not understand boy-crazy girls. I never have and I never will. How can someone live and breathe for guys? I mean, seriously! What kind of existence is that? There’s so much more to life! I can understand wanting a boyfriend or wanting to be married. I’ve wanted those things too at different times in my life.

Sometimes I wish we still had arranged marriages. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Sure, there’d still be people going against it or daydreaming but maybe it would cut down on the psychos who are obsessed with the opposite sex.

It might also cut down on girls being catty. Why is it that when a girl likes a guy, her friend decides to like him too? And if the guy happens to ask out the friend, no matter how much she knows the first girl likes/loves this guy, she goes out with him. (I’m not saying that’s bad, necessarily. But there are tactful ways to go about stuff.) Or when a girl finally finds someone to date, she all but completely ditches her other friends? Suddenly the sun rises and sets with one guy. You may have had plans with that friend but if he calls, you are second fiddle. Or my personal favorite: The guy a girl likes says something nice or complimentary to or about a different girl and then it’s the first girl’s mission to make her look bad.

I really just can’t comprehend the way a lot of girls seem to throw their friends under a bus in order to get ahead in the dating game. If a guy truly likes you, it won’t matter what he says about other girls or who else is around. I certainly don’t think it should help your case if you suddenly act jealous and possessive and nasty because he said another girl looked nice.

Then again, this is coming from someone who has avoided the dating game completely. Maybe I would think differently if I actually found a guy who was interested in me and I was interested back (and I knew I could trust him). But, since I don’t see that happening any time soon, ya’ll will have to bear with me as I try to understand people. 🙂