Warning: Long post ahead.

I just put Reegan down for what will hopefully be a two hour nap. Hopefully it won’t take me that long to write this. 🙂

Hannah stayed the night on Wed. night because we had to leave for the airport at 6 the next morning. That meant I had to get up at 4:30. I was hoping I wouldn’t bite Hannah’s head off since she’s a morning person and I’m so not. I didn’t. (I don’t think.)

The first flight went well. We had stopped and gotten breakfast at the airport CFA so we hadn’t even had to sit around and wait real long. Then we had a hour and a half lay-over in Miami. The next flight made us a little nervous. It was one of those little bitty planes that I like to call Planes of Death. Luckily there was only a little turbulence.

So we land in Fr. Myers and head to the baggage claim. When we got there, I recognized the guy standing there as having been on our flight. I’d noticed him earlier while we were waiting for the second flight. I thought he was taking interest but I’d managed to ignore him up to that point. It’s pretty hard to ignore someone who walks up to you and starts asking questions though. So we politely chatted with him while praying for our luggage to hurry up. He gave us his card and said if we needed an escort while we were in town, give him a call. His card said he was a law enforcement officer with the Coast Guard. Right. (Maybe I’m too suspicious but to me, that seems like the perfect way to gain girls trust.) We grabbed our bags and made our way back upstairs to the car rental desk. From there we took a tram to the actual rental place (we had a very kind, chatty and helpful driver 🙂 and got our car. It was a cute little red Cobalt LS. The nice man went over the paperwork with Hannah and informed us that FL is passing or has passed a “no fault” law. (ie. you get in a wreck, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault. you’re paying.) At that point, I was relieved I wasn’t allowed to drive.

We took off for the hotel. We had to stop and make sure we were going the right direction at one point so we stopped at a little church. Turns out it we’d gone two more lights down, we’d have found it. The lady there invited us to their service Sunday morning.

We got to the hotel and got checked in. Then we went to find food and a Wal-Mart. (We’d realized we both forgot sunglasses and sunscreen.) We got what we needed at Wal-Mart and by the time we were done, we were starving so we went to the Perkins in the same parking lot. (There are about 10 Perkins in Fort Myers alone!) We got back to the hotel and took about a 20 minute nap, then got ready for the bachorlette party.

The party was quite an experience. Put the facts that I haven’t seen these girls in a year and a half, I had Hannah with me and it was a lingerie party together and you’ve got a crazy time. I won’t go into detail but there was definitely a hilarious theme to the party. Hannah and I cut out at 11:30. Old ladies we may be but we were tired!

Friday I went to breakfast and make-up shopping with the girls while Hannah scouted out an island we had accidently discovered the night before when we made a wrong turn going home. (We did really well getting around considering I’m usually bad with maps.) Then we had a frustrating half hour trying to get Hannah to where I was. We found each other though. 🙂 We then took off for Sanibel Island.

One word: beautiful!!!!! We found a gorgeous little beach with a historic lighthouse. We ventured into the water and you could see the bottom for quite awhile. Then Hannah saw a fin and decided to say, “Uh, I think there’s a shark.” So we ventured back out of the water. When I finally saw what she was talking about, I couldn’t tell whether it was a shark or dolphins. Then I saw a few fins come up together, like dolphins usually do. I’m 90% sure that’s what they were.

We stopped at a bunch of cute little shops. At one I bought a couple of skirts. I bought Shane and Lisa’s wedding gift. It was a little wall hanging that said, “Marriage…..is finding the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” 😀

For dinner we went to a place called the Mucky Duck. My parents had gone there many years ago and suggested it. Cute little place. Good food. We both had mahi-mahi. I told Hannah about my 25 Before 25 list. (What I could remember, anyway.) She’s insanely curious about my secret one that only I know about.

The next morning we went back to Sanibel. (The skirts I’d bought I had to take back b/c I didn’t try them on and they were a bit tight.) We found a different beach and collected more shells. We didn’t find any bones like we had the other one. (Creepy.) Hannah started humming ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. It got stuck in my head and became our theme song. We stopped at Dairy Queen and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. We took our time. Watched a Lifetime movie. I actually curled my hair. (Turned out to be a waste of time thanks to weather and wind but Hannah claimed it still looked good. Just more….limp.)

The wedding was on Ft. Myers beach. We were a little concerned b/c as we drove thru Ft. Myers, it was pouring down rain. Luckily it started letting up and by the time the wedding was to start, it was over. We had to take a tram from the parking lot to the beach. We sat next to two guys who introduced themselves as Alan and Brandon. We made small talk as the tram drove us. When we were getting off, I heard one of them say they were gonna have to show those Indiana girls a good time. That made me wary but I decided to ignore it.

The wedding was beautiful. Lisa looked gorgeous and so happy. I’d never seen Shane before. He wasn’t quite what I was picturing but as the night wore on, it became apparent that he is perfect for Lisa. How she found a guy who would skip into the wedding reception with her, I don’t know! 🙂 They were so cute to watch.

The reception was fun. Dinner was awesome! Lisa and Shane had their first dance, then Lisa danced with her dad. The dj then opened the floor to anyone. They were playing some very non-wedding music. 🙂 It was awesome. Then I got dragged out on to the dance floor by Brandon. Even that was ok. I was having fun with Nicole and Erin. Then I got dragged into the middle of the circle with him. Hannah said I looked like I knew was I was doing but inside I was screaming. I desperately wanted to run. “Bumping and grinding” with a guy I’ve just met is not my style. So I went behind my mask and shut down my emotions and got through it. Later we “swing danced” and that was better but I was pretty much done with being touched at that point.

Hannah and I didn’t end up going to church the next morning. We’d had every intention but we were sooooo tired. So we slept in, went to an outlet mall, went to the beach (I found pink shells), went to Wal-Mart and went back to the hotel for dinner. We ate a half-pint of ice cream and watched ‘Return To Me’. (Unfortunately for Hannah, by that time I was in one of my moods and the cynicism was on high!) We fell asleep only to be woken up by my phone ringing at a quarter of mid-night. It was my mom. I stumbled back to bed and the next thing I heard was my alarm going off at 3:30 the next morning. Yup, 3:30. 2:30 our time. I think that’s a record for the earliest I’ve gotten up. We gave ourselves waaaay too much time to get to the airport but that was probably a good thing. We got Starbucks when we got there and were greeted by Nazi Guard who rudely informed us that the security gate wasn’t open for another couple of minutes. We had been seated all of 30 seconds when we heard someone say it was open. *sigh* I didn’t say anything to the lady as we went thru b/c I knew I wouldn’t be kind if I did. My kindness was in my silence. As we waited to board, the coffee kicked in and I got reeeeaaaally slap happy. Poor Hannah. I told her it was either that or I’d be really cranky. She took the “hap slappy”. 😉

We got on the little plane of death again. Smooth flight. 3 1/2 lay-over in Miami. That wasn’t fun. Neither of us felt well and we were exhausted. Plus the airport was *freezing*! So we walked around and road the moving sidewalks and moonwalked on them and argued about whether or not there was a food place and played Speed and read and watched the news and tried to sleep. And finally, finally, finally the tram arrived to take us to *another* plane of death! Luckily we were in the front row so we had more leg room. Our flight attendent was really nice. She reminded us of Lisa Kudrow. 🙂 I left notes in the airplane magazine for the next person who read it.

We landed, got our luggage and my dad was waiting for us. (No weird escort service men.) We dropped Hannah off at CPC and went home to get ready for Mikayla’s b-day party.

I think that covers the major events. I was able to stay encouraging and have fun for the most part. Only Hannah had to endure the cynical side. 🙂 It was fun but I’m glad to be home. Back to Reegan.

Now please, please, please leave me comments about your weekend!