Yesterday was alright.
Tomorrow will be too.
Today it was a fight.
Tonight it just hurts.

Barely gave it a thought
Until we had that talk
To my mind it was brought
So tonight it hurts

I thought I was moving on
I thought that it was over
I thought the dreams were gone
But tonight it hurts

I thought I’d been saved
I thought I was free
But right now I feel caged
So tonight it hurts

I could try to dance it away
I could dash reality
But it’ll return another day
Because tonight it hurts

“Where are You?” my heart screams
I turn away in anger
You aren’t there, so it seems
So tonight it hurts

Please tell me that this will end
Please show me You are there
Hold me in Your arms again
Because tonight it hurts

Please tell me that You love me
Please wipe away my tears
Let me know a moment of safety
Even though it hurts

I can do all things with You
You will strengthen me
I know these words are true
Even though it hurts

If You by my side will stay
I know I can forgive
So that maybe, hopefully, one day
It will no longer hurt