Aight, my little brother tagged me so here we go!

10 years ago I was…
– 11 years old
– hanging out with Afton, causing trouble 🙂
– wishing I went to public school
– uh…….lol

5 years ago I was…
– finishing my jr/sr year of high school
– learning to drive (yeah, i was a bit late on that)
– running around with Jodi, Jeri and Annie
– stepping up in youth group

1 year ago I was…
– working at Chick-fil-A
– relieved that I wasn’t at Liberty
– starting to really get to know people in Teknon
– starting my year as a sponsor

Yesterday I…
– watched Reegan 🙂
– did childcare for ZPC
– organized my bank stuff from the last 6/7 years

5 snacks I enjoy…
– “get behind me Satan” chips (ie. cool ranch doritos)
– anything chocolate
– pretzels
– yogurt
– Dove ice cream

5 songs I know all the words to…
– ‘She Will Be Loved’, Maroon 5
– ‘Whip It’, Devo
– ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, Frank Sinatra
– ‘Angel’, DMB
– ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love’, Hercules 😉 (That was for you Annie!)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars…
– buy a building for The Dwelling Place
– start my own half-way house (I think that’s what they’re called)
– go to Australia
– adopt babies from China
– give it to my friends with the stipulation that they have to use part of it to help someone else 😀 (I think I’ve seen ‘Pay It Forward’ one too many times)

5 places I would run away to…
– Australia
– Florida (unless it’s hurricane season)
– Colorado
– North Dakota (why? b/c I’ve never been there!)
– Portland, Oregan (go find Donald Miller and hang with him)

5 things I would never wear…
– a bikini
– hmm…….bikini is about it 😀

5 favorite tv shows…(this question isn’t quite fair. none of my shows are on the air anymore.)
– Angel
– I Love Lucy
– Hogan’s Heros
– Buffy the Vampire Slayer
– Dr. Quinn (laugh all you want, it was a good show)

5 bad habits…
– speaking before I think
– blogging before I think 😉
– over-analyzing
– taking phone calls when I’m with someone else
– grouping all men into the “men are pigs” category

5 biggest joys…
– The Dwelling Place
– my friends
– dancing
– Reegan
– writing

5 fictional characters I would date…
– ANGEL!!!!!!!!! ~swoons~ 😉
– Jack Sparrow
– Batman
– Wolverine
– uh…..Prince Eric 😉

5 people I tag to do this…
– my sis (Sheryl)
– my clone (Crystal)
– my best friend (Annie)
– my co-hort (Nicole)
– my twin (Kels)