Just got back from the Sr. High Fall Retreat. No, I’m not back to being a sponsor. I was acting as nanny for one of the other sponsor couples. It was fun. I liked being able to be there and kinda hang out with the kids but not have the responsibility that comes with being “in charge”. (Not that I ever acted that much in charge when I was a sponsor. :-D) It was also funny that I seemed to have a better relationship with the other sponsors now that I’m not one. (A big part of that being my attitude toward the whole thing anyway.) One of the ladies that I didn’t think liked me very much was one of the people I hung out with quite a bit.

We did the skits thing again and I took Tim’s place as Andy’s co-judge. For one of the skits, the girls were the boys and vice versa so they were all dressed up in each other’s clothes. Reid Morgan wore my jeans. I told Brian I didn’t know how I felt about the fact that Reid could fit into them. He goes, “Skinny?” Heh. Jonah got to be in the winning skit. They did all 6 episodes of Star Wars in 4 minutes. It was hilarious. He sang the theme song and played Anakin as a little boy.

Both nights after the kids went to bed and the students and sponsors were in their meeting, I got to go outside and read and just walk and pray. It was great. It’s been a really, really, really weird week for me and I hadn’t had time to process everything that was happening. It was nice just to have time to be alone out in the open and not have 5 billion things demanding my attention.

For those of you who think I’m freaked about the guy calling me, chill out. 🙂 I wasn’t reacting to him so much as to a different situation. He just got the “brunt” of it, I guess you could say, since he called right before I started blogging. It’s still a little strange that he would call me but I’m not worried about it. (Yes Ian, he probably thinks I don’t love Jesus since I said I hate men so he’s calling to convert me. 😉 ) I do plan on getting in touch with him somehow.

Now it’s time for a nap until church tonight! Bye ya’ll!