Last night, I discovered something about myself. I am a hypocrite. Yesterday I blogged about sin being the same in God’s eyes. Today I am more than willing for there to be different levels of sin and punishment. One minute I am begging for mercy for someone and literally the next I am praying for someone else to die a slow, painful, agonizing death.

People can mess with me all they want. Use me, abuse me, kick me while I’m down. I’ll get right back up and deal. But if someone hurts someone that I love, they’d better hope to God that I never meet them on the street.

I know too many women who have been sexually harassed, assulted, abused, raped, beaten, etc. So when I hear about yet another one, my heart cries out in pain and anger. To all you rapists out there, pray that I never meet you. Pray that I never find out what you have done. Because if I do, I will fucking kill you. I will tear you apart with my own two hands, starting with what you used to rape that woman with. I will destroy you.

I’m sorry if this makes me a bad Christian. I’m sorry if this isn’t what Jesus would do. But I don’t want mercy for them. I don’t even want justice. I want revenge. I want them to suffer the way they have made countless women suffer. I want them to know what it is like to have everything stripped from you, because of one hateful act. I want them to die slowly and painfully. May God have mercy on them. Because I can’t.