Wow. Yesterday was quite possibly the most insane day of my life.

The fun actually started on Thursday for me. The dear people I work for gave me the day off as my birthday present. (Paid!) So I got to sleep in! I was beyond excited about this.  I had a doctor’s appt. at 2:40 so Joshua and I followed Dad over there. (They were going straight to basketball so I had to drive seperately.) I never want to follow my dad thru downtown and on the interstate in the rain again! I swear I thought I was gonna get pulled over. I have decided that I’ve found my true calling: stunt driving. *nods* After the moves I had to pull to keep up with him weaving in and out of traffic, I think I could do it.

After we were done at the doctors, I went to CVS and bought hair dye. I wanted to get the red highlites from the summer out of my hair and go darker. They didn’t have the color dye I usually get to I bought one a little darker. Unfortunately, there are many downsides to having hair as long as mine. It gets caught in stuff, I’m always leaning against it, and I can’t dye it by myself. Long story short, I missed a couple of spots and had to re-dye it with Nicole’s help. (Bless her little heart!) The first time, the results had been pretty darn dark. With a second “coating”, my hair is *black*! I always thought Mikayla’s hair was dark. My hair is darker then hers.  Oh well. I wanted it black for Halloween anyway. I just did it earlier then I planned.

After we dyed my hair, Nicole’s cousin Christina called and we went to hang out with her for a bit. We decided to go to Hooters and see what all the fuss was about. I was less than impressed. Their keylime pie is good though! And our waitress was very sweet. I wanted to put more clothes on her and take her home and take care of her. 🙂

That night, Sally got home (brought me chocolate! She knows how to secure my love!) and took the boys to her sisters and went to pick up Sheryl. We got ready to go, Ro arrived, and Sally and Sheryl got there. We then waited for Marcia to get there. By the time we were all ready, it was 7:00. The time we were supposed to be there. lol. Oh well. No one in our group is known for being prompt so it worked out ok. I did keep getting people calling my cell though, wondering where we were. We narrowly avoided being caught in ridiculous traffic on the interstate, which would have made us even more late.

We got there and everyone was standing around talking and then we went upstairs to check out the arcade. I got out of being humiliated at pool due to it being mad, crazy expensive. So Nicole, Craig, Craig’s friend Drew and I went upstairs to bowl instead. The only thing worse then my bowling skills are my pool skills. I don’t know who won but it wasn’t me. Then we went down to dinner. Nicole, Craig and Drew took off and hung out with my cousin and brother downtown. Jenn, Andy and Hannah also took off. I was sad to see them go but I understood. Dinner was expensive. (Fortunately, the five of us who had birthdays that we were celebrating got ours free!)

Dinner was so much fun. The guy cooked our food right in front of us. (And….threw……….us……) He had me get up with him and I had to put eggs on the spatula, toss them in the air and slice them on the spatula on the way down. I got it on my second try!  A couple times I got transported back to jr. high as food fights broke out. Sheryl also had to get up and “cook” for us. 😀 Then the five of us who had birthdays all got pulled away from the table and we had to sit in chairs. They handed each of us a piece of cake and told us that we had 60 seconds to eat the entire thing. But we couldn’t use our hands. And if we didn’t finish, we would get the cake shoved in our faces. None of us managed to finish but there was chocolate and whipped cream everywhere! Then I somehow managed to get volunteered for something else. Some alcoholic drinks have very interesting names and that is all I will say on the matter. That and I’m glad Ben backed out at the last second. 😉

After dinner, a couple more people took off and the rest of us headed upstairs to the dance floor. That was a lot of fun. (Unless pictures start circulating, I don’t know anything about pole dancing, girl-on-girl dancing or my big sister buying me my first shot of tequila.) All I will say is tequila is no ones friend. (And that it is absolutely *disgusting*!) After we danced for a bit, we went into the bowling area. Sheryl, Marcia and Ro bowled while the rest of us watched. By this time, my head was spinning a bit so I ended up just laying across Jon’s lap while the girls bowled. (Ok, so maybe tequila isn’t *no ones* friend. 😉 )

After we were done bowling, we decided to call it a night. As it was, we didn’t get home until 1:00.

All in all, it was a really fun night. I will say that the only reason I allowed alcohol in my system is I knew that I was safe and with friends. If I had been on my own or with people I didn’t trust, I wouldn’t have let my senses become impaired. Alcohol can be fun but it can also be very dangerous. As it was, I didn’t like not feeling totally in control of myself. So this is our take home lesson kids. 🙂 But as long as there are no pictures, I have no idea what you’re talking about.