Yes, I went to USOM. Yes, I was by myself. No, I wasn’t mugged. No, I wasn’t kidnapped. Yes, I stayed inside the building. No, I wasn’t out pacing on my phone. Yes, I am rather pleased with myself. 🙂

Ok, in all seriousness, I went to USOM, I parked right in front of the building, I stayed in the building and I went straight to my car when I left. I am much more alert and on guard when I’m by myself. Yes, bad things could still happen. But that’s risk you run anywhere, “bad” neighborhood or not.

Actually, I’m glad no one else went tonight. It was another “off night”. There was a group of people there when I got there and I quickly figured out I was about the 3rd oldest person in the room. These kids were all still in high school. I think even the girl we refer to as the Angry Chick has just graduated. I was also quickly reminded why I hate teenagers. 😉 (Ok, a lot of teenagers. And it’s not because I’m so much older or whatever. I hated teenagers when I was one.) But I digress.

The evening got off to a late start. The guy who was in charge (TJ and Sara were nowhere to be found) was too cute. He came over to me and apologized for the late start. When they did get rolling, it was a teen guy, his dad and Josh (the guy in charge). Josh played drums, the kids dad was on the…..organ? I’m not sure what it was. Some piano type thing. And the kid was rapping. Since no one else was getting up, they performed 4 times. I can only take so much rap.

Josh read a couple of things. A guy named Phoenix (who I remembered from way back when we first started going) got up and sang. His voice has a Frank Sinatra quality to it. Then this guy with hair longer then mine got up and proceeded to……yell…..something. I don’t know what it was. It was all I could do not to laugh.

Another kid (who, ironically, I’ve seen working at ZPC on Tuesday nights. He was someone I was making up a story about in my head as a writing exercise.) got up and played the guitar. Out of tune. On purpose. (There goes the story…..) He also sang a bit, which was fine unless he got out of his range. Later he, another guy and a girl got up and did a trio barber shop sounding song about Java and tea. It was rather humorous and they were pretty good vocally.

Following that someone tried to play guitar and beat box at the same time. That didn’t end well. Phoenix got up again and sang two more songs. I must say, you don’t expect the phrase “f-ed up” to come repeatedly out of someone’s mouth who sounds like Sinatra. To end the evening (well, for me), the guy who was running the kitchen got up and told us about the sr. guy in high school that he had had a crush on when he was a freshman.

During all this, a guy had slowly been making his way around the room until he plopped down two seats away from me. I was subtly ignoring him until he struck up a conversation about my rings. I told him one of them my friend had gotten for me in Japan. He misheard me and said, “Oh, your boyfriend?” The disappointment in his voice set off the warning bell of “This guy wants to ask you out.” I sat through a couple more things so it wouldn’t be obvious that I was fleeing. Then I subtly got up and walked out the door. 😀

Of course, I stopped at a gas station on the way home. (Before you all get your panties in a twist, it was a well lit one by College Park.) There’s an older man who works there and I’m never sure if he’s hitting on me or not. But tonight he asked me how I was, so I said good and returned the question. To which he said, “Well, you’re here so it must be good.” Ooooookay! That’s my cue to exit, have a lovely evening.

I’m beginning to seriously consider making a sign that says, “Not interested!” Oh well. I suppose of the problems I could be handed, having weird guys interested in me isn’t the worst. And I suppose this could be considered a step up. Weird is better then abusive any day!