Last night Mom and I took Mikayla and her friend Emma to see ‘The Nutcracker’. We went last year and the girls loved it, dancing in the asiles and in the bathroom. So we decided to go again.

After a busy day of work, a doctor’s appointment and washing and ironing my costume for an upcoming party, plus running a costume up to CPC for Hannah, I was worn out. But there was no time for a nap. We tossed the little girls in my car and took off.

Mikayla was asking questions almost the whole time. Fortunately, the people around us also had children who weren’t just sitting quietly. She loves The Nutcracker and has watched the Barbie version more times than I care to count. The whole time, I’m answering, “Where is the snow coming from? Where’s Clara? Where did those dancers come from? Who’s that boy? Is the Nutcracker coming? Is he going to kill the mouse?” Etc. 🙂 Oh well. The joys of children.

The previous year, there had been an interesting twist. For all the years that I had been coming to the show, the man who played the Nutcracker had been white. Last year, when the Nutcracker is transformed into the Prince, Mom and I were both sitting there trying to decide if our eyes (and the lighting) were playing tricks on us. I leaned over and whispered to Mom, “Are we black?” which of course set the two of us off on a laughing fit. (For those of you who haven’t seen it, that’s a Blazing Saddles quote.) As it turns out, he was! That was pretty cool. This particular production doesn’t have very much diversity in race.

During the intermission, we were making our way to the bathroom and coming towards us I saw someone who I thought I recognized. Next thing I know, the lady is smiling at me and saying, “Hi Lauren!” As it turns out, Nancy Schweibold was there with her daughters so after we went to the restroom, I headed in to find Kels and Karin. Kels brought up the Dave Barry article that I had sent in an email to her awhile back and we were cracking up.

It’s interesting to watch something when you have an idea of what goes on “behind the scenes”. As someone who has taken dance for many years, I catch mistakes and little things that the normal ballet viewer might not. I also have an appreciation for some of the moves that don’t look hard but, in reality, could break your ankle if done incorrectly. (Or, in my case, damage cartiledge in your knee.)

Anyway, it was a fun night. Afterwards, the little girls were doing their twirling thing in the asiles and I was tempted to join them. I miss dancing. Anyone want to pay for me to take lessons again? 😉