I totally forgot Karin tagged me! Here we go!

The rules of this game are simple. The first player(myself) starts with a topic called, “5 weird habits of yourself.” Anyone who gets tagged needs to write a xanga entry about their own 5 weird habits. After you do that, you need to list the names of 5 people you want to tag next. Leave a comment on that person’s site telling them that you’re gonna tag them, then tell them to look at your site for instructions on how to play. (Yep, you need to write the instructions down.) Here are my 5 weird habits:

1. I have a habit of either breaking into song or quoting a movie if someone says something that reminds me of either.

2. I have to remove my watch before typing.

3. I can never completely finish a sandwhich. I have to leave at least a bite.

4. If I take steps two at a time and there’s an uneven number, it bugs me for the next few minutes until I can distract myself.

5. I can’t stand wearing shoes that enclose my feet. If I have to, I wear slip-ons so that I can take them off as soon as I get where I’m going. I prefer barefoot if at all possible.

I tag: