My dear friend Jon posted this blog on his xanga tonight. I’m going to post his list of Boys vs. Men but ya’ll should go read the rest of what he has to say. (Esp. the guys!) He’s a wise man, even if he doesn’t know it. šŸ˜‰ If you guys want someone other than a dumb Barbie (with the supposedly perfect body that you think will stay that way), I suggest you pay close attention to this list. And ladies, this is what to look for in a potential husband. Bible Study Babes, remember everything we learned in 5 Aspects? We didn’t learn this. šŸ™‚

Boys vs. Men

1. Boys will drop a pick up line on you and grin at their own cleverness, a man can flirt without showing off.

2. Boys like fart jokes and everything about them, men like the jokes too, but they don’t feel the need to act them out for you.

3. Boys hold onto fantasy women ideas and hold torches without ever being able to ask the person out, a man knows that everyone is flawed and will ask her out anyway.

4. Boys take rejection as a personal attack, a man realizes that he isn’t going to be attractive to everyone and that she may just not be in a place to be dating.

5. Boys try to take what isn’t their’s to have, a man works to have what he values.

6. Boys yell, argue, and fight, a man is calm and walks away from trouble when he can.

7. Boys hit, men hold. (L – A-frickin’-men!)

8. Boys say hurtful things to denegrate and diminish others, a man builds others up and is quick to compliment.

9. Boys bitch and moan about problems, a man prays and asks for help when he needs it.

10. Boys hold their pride or rep in the highest regard, a man knows that having a good name is worth more than gold.

11. Boys take the easy road out of any trouble, a man faces the consequences of his actions and does the right thing.

12. Boys cheat, a man knows that a good woman is the greatest of blessings from God in this life and puts her before himself. (L – For those of you who need a Bible verse for everything, go look in Proverbs.)

13. Boys run from trouble, a man handles his responsibilities.

14. Boys look for you to take care of them, a man looks for you to take care of each other.

15. Boys can’t maintain eye contact, a man can look into your eyes and let you know how attractive you are without a word.

16. Boys look for hot chicks, a man knows that every woman is beautiful in her own way.

17. Boys have to top your story with a better one of their own, a man asks you questions and lets you be the center of attention.

18. Boys are all about me, men are all about you.

19. Boys go to the game, or play X-Box when their kids come over for the weekend, a man helps with homework and plays Candyland.

20. Boys boast, men deliver.