Dang it! My sis is always a step ahead of me in these things. I go to post a random blog, she’s already done, I go to post about 2005 and she’s got it. Guess I’m following in my big sister’s footsteps. 🙂

Major events of 2005

* My first full year with no Chick-fil-A. (Well, working there anyway. 😉 ) I am one of the few who has made it out and stayed out.

* I went to and withdrew from IWU after a month. lol. (I didn’t say this was a list of accomplishments!)

* Things in my faith continued to make some major shifts. I continued to be active in Teknon.

* I began figuring out what had happened in high school and began to deal with it.

* I met Andy. Jenn and I started hanging out with him and Josh. Andy and Jenn are now getting married this coming June!!!! 😀

* I became part of a Bible study on Mondays that, even though it didn’t last long, had a lasting impact on my life.

* After four months without a job, I became a nanny. (Yeah, yeah. Cue the theme song.) 🙂

* I went on the final Teknon retreat. (Lent Rich my fleece blanket. 😉 )

* The Dwelling Place began meeting after Teknon ended.

* I finished up my year as a youth sponsor for College Park.

* I finished my last year in the Spirit and Truth choir.

* I saw my family that I hadn’t seen in 3 years.

* Hannah and I traveled to Florida and did everything on our own. (Laugh if you want, we’re quite pleased with ourselves. 🙂 )

* I turned 21 (finally!)

* I got my wisdom teeth out!

* My grandfather died, which led to me getting to see the other side of my family that I hadn’t seen in longer then 3 years.

Well, drat. That’s a depressing thing to end on but that was pretty much the last major event of the year. (Unless something earth-shattering happens in the next 10 hours.) Oh well.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!