I’m being evaluated. Again. You know, a person can only be evaluated so many times before they begin to suspect that there’s really something wrong that everyone knows about and isn’t telling them! lol.

No, I actually agreed to this. It’s more “What should you be when you grow up?” stuff. My grandmother offered to pay for it (she’ll do *anything* to get me back in school) and it’s here in town so I said, “Why not?” And I guess this guy is *really* good at what he does. Like, he can tell me exactly what things I should be studying when I go back to school and what my major should be for what job. Instead of me going, “Well, I’m good at this but I enjoy this but I’m not as good at it as this but I don’t want to be in something I don’t enjoy just because I’m good at it…..” Yeah, that was getting me nowhere.

So I have to take some more tests. I think I’m going to have taken more tests to figure out why I should be in school then I actually will in school! But that’s ok. I just don’t want to get in and start studying something and then go, “Crap, this isn’t where I should be.” Ya know, like I did last time. *eye roll*

This guy gets to dig around in my brain. Lucky him. 😉 I wonder if I should take a sedative. lol. But hopefully he’ll be as good as they say he is. Because I’ve decided I *am* going back to school. I just need to figure out what I’m studying.

Now the only question is, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” 😀