We. Are. Blessed.

I’m going to say that right now. That building is perfect. As everyone prayed during communion, please let us never take that blessing for granted and help us to use it in the best ways possible.

This morning was a “get to know your building” day. 🙂 I had seen it (which was good since I showed up half an hour late……) so I was able to find everything I needed. We sang a couple of songs and Shane had us turn to James 2 (which I don’t believe we read.) Then I remembered that I needed to ask Nicole if she had brought the Ranch dressing so I scooted out and into the kids room for a minute. Then I ended up getting “stuck” because the kids wanted me to stay. lol. So I have no idea what Shane talked about. But that’s ok. I enjoy being with the kids. And Nicole and Hannah were in there.

Nicole was teaching Sunday school. She did a lesson on Noah. The kids made some very colorful pictures. Bubby did a rainbow ark and killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Emmy was Nicole’s helper. Eli was glued to Nicole’s hip. Spencer was an angel as usual. The kids were good about answering questions after the story.

I went back out and we were supposed to pray for each other and the “ministry” areas that we are in each week. Then we did communion. Josh and Mr. Miller passed around the bread and sparkling grape juice. (I’m assuming that’s what it was. It’s a good thing I don’t believe that I’m really drinking Jesus’ blood because He’d have had some awfully thin blood!) Then Shane had a few people pray a blessing over the building and us. Then it was chow time!

We had more than enough bread and salad. I think we’re covered in the bread area for communion for awhile. 😉  Hannah, Sheryl, Crystal, Nicole and I all ate together. That was fun. 🙂 Then I went to walk Hannah out and we ran into Crystal who had just come from the bathroom. She goes, “Ya’ll are serious about this community stuff. Even the bathroom is communal. Two toilets and no stalls.” To which I said, “Because my urination just hasn’t been public enough lately!” Sheesh. I know girls go to the bathroom in groups but that’s a bit much.

For some reason, couches and stuffed chairs seem to attract high school students and 20 somethings. Almost all of the people from those categories ended up in our “foyer” on the couch and chair. (And the table. lol @ Andrew!)

The kids were all running around screaming. Occasionally one of us girls would grab a kid running by and tickle them, then set them free to wreck more havoc. Spencer became quite attached to my water bottle. I told him I’d bring it the next week for him to play with.

Nicole, Jenn and I discussed wedding stuff. We have to get our bridesmaid dresses ordered with a quickness. It takes four months to get them here. :-O So, yeah, we have to find the time to get all of us back to the bridal shop. It’s amazing how far in advance they make you do stuff for weddings. The darn thing is 6 months away!

It was fun to watch everyone interact with each other. People moving from table to table and group to group talking. The kids all playing together. Food is a great unifying factor. 🙂 And there were no disasters. Nothing overflowed or was knocked over or smashed. Not that I expected anything like that. 😉

But now, it’s time for a nap. I think I’m getting rambly. 😀 Take care all. And come visit us in our building!