I am not certain of many things. I am certain that there is a God. I’m certain that Jesus Christ is Who He said He is. I’m certain that in some way that defies everything science can tell us, the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are three in one.

I am also certain that gremlins live in my cupboard and the dryer monster is alive and well. How else do I explain why none of my tupperware matches? Or why I’m always missing at least one sock from my laundry? I am also certain that these things are in cahoots to drive me insane. The dryer eats my socks and the gremlins bring him offerings of tupperware. Thus making sure that I have lids and bottoms, but they don’t match. Then once I’ve thrown the lonely sock away or bought new tupperware, out spring the missing items from the dryer monster’s belly!

Or maybe I’m still just exhausted. πŸ™‚