First and foremost, this post is not directed at anyone. There are no pointed remarks, I’m not trying to call anyone out and I’m not trying to blog what I won’t say to your face. I don’t want to hear any “what’s that supposed to mean?” later on. This is merely my observation.

As we rapidly approach this holiday made up by greeting card and chocolate companies, I’m noticing something in my friends. Everyone is hooking up. I’m not saying that it’s because of Valentine’s Day and the race to find someone to spend the day with. The timing is just odd.

It’s been a natural ebb and flow with my friends. One minute we all find ourselves single and throwing popcorn at the stupid chick flick we decided to torture ourselves with. The next everyone is acting all mushy and flirty and talking about some guy like he’s the best thing since sliced bread. (Which, in my opinion, is a pretty hard act to follow. 🙂 ) And then there’s me. Holding down the “No Boys Allowed” club until my girls return to their senses and come back. 😉

No, I’m happy for my friends. Most of them are dating (or have not-boyfriends or un-boyfriends or fiances) men who seem to be wonderful guys. And I hope that they spoil you all rotten and talk as much mush as you want and treat you like the queens that you are.

Just please wait until I leave the room. 😉

Something I’ve noticed in myself is my tendancy to get cynical and try to distance myself from people when they start dating. I think it’s a “they’re going to be too wrapped up in each other so I’m bailing now” mentality. That and the googly eyes get irritating after awile. 🙂

Crystal was talking in her blog about how she doesn’t like a whole lot of “mush” in her relationships. Here’s a shock: she and I seem to be of the same mind on this. Buying flowers and candy and whispering sweet nothings is good and all. But real romance is in the everyday stuff. The sacrifices you make for one another. As Crystal said, we want a prince who’s face you can see and who’s armor isn’t perfectly shiny and who’s horse isn’t spotless white. A real guy who makes real mistakes and tries in real ways to show you that he loves you. No Prince Charming. (Because I don’t believe that guy even exists. Prince Charming doesn’t sweep me off my feet. He makes me suspicious of what he’s hiding and what he wants. I saw ‘Shrek 2’. 😉 )

So yeah, I told Sheryl when I started blogging that I didn’t really know where I was going with this. If it seems a bit disjointed, that’s why. This is me trying to organize my thoughts. Maybe I’ll blog more later when I’m not so tired.