Ok, that’s not quite what I meant. (I told ya’ll my thoughts were still being organized.) I pull away when people start new relationships to give the couple space. (And, like I said, “mush” annoys me.) I don’t stop inviting them to things or whatever. If they call to chat, I’ll chat for as long as they want. I’m careful to wait and see how much space each couple wants/needs.

And, before ya’ll start getting defensive, to assume that a couple will get “wrapped up in each other” isn’t exactly an idea that has been disproven. A lot of couples (dare I say most) go through the “I’m not happy unless I’m with him/her” phase. That’s not fun to be around. I’m not saying that ya’ll are going to go do that. I’m hoping that you don’t. But if you do, I prefer not to be the tag along, 3rd wheel of the party.

You guys can’t tell me that you’ve never had a set of friends fall off the face of the earth because they started dating. I know you have. Either that or I’m the only one with these kinds of people for friends. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy asks girl out, boy and girl all but disappear. You guys can’t get mad at me for assuming this. You’ve had it happen to you. Maybe you’ve even done it in the past. And I’ve done the whole swearing up and down that I’ll never do it and make my friends promise not to let me. I’ve also had friends who asked me to do the same for them and then when they start dating, what do they do? “I’m not spending all my time with him/her.” “I don’t get to see him/her very much.” “I still see you.” “I know I said that but things are different now.” Yeah, I’ve had these conversations one too many times for me not to be a bit suspicious when people start telling me this.

But please, prove me wrong. I’d be more than happy to be wrong on this. I promise not to ostracize you if you promise not to fall off the face of the planet. Deal? 🙂