This is getting ridiculous. I am the (not so proud) owner of 5 blogs. That’s right, 5. This one, the Xanga one, Myspace, LiveJournal and now Blogsource. Granted, all I really do at 4 of the 5 is cross post from this blog or link. But still. This is sad.





(Blogsource is also where The Dwelling Place blog is located. Go check it out!)

I’m tempted to say “Time for a break” but I know that I will hear no end of grief until I’m back anyway. “This is your ministry.” “You’re using your gifts.” “You are touching people’s lives.”

Am I? Am I touching people’s lives? Is this enough or is there more I could do if I would shut the darn computer off and go interact with live people?

Or maybe this is where I’m supposed to be. I do better when given time to think out my response to people. Or when given time to think about my true opinion on things. I’m a good listener. I’m not one of those people who always feels the need to fix a problem or make useless interjections. (Unless I’m on the msg. board. 😉 ) So maybe blogging is a good thing for me.

But still…….5? Not to mention this just widens the stalker possibilities. I received the following message on MySpace today:

“your beautiful thats all i wanted to say damn……….best lookin one on this site but if u want a friend i am always up to meeting new people to hang with if u want a pic i have one on here hope to talk to ya soon “

Uh, let me pray about it……! I wonder how many girls have received that exact same message. 😛 Maybe I should post an “I hate men” blog over there…….nah, that could lead to worse things. lol.

Ok, so aside from the meat market factor and the fact that I spend half my time in front of a computer screen, maybe this is what I’m supposed to do. And I just argued myself full circle, didn’t I? 😀