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I was just talking to a really cute guy on the phone and he told me he loved me. 😀

Too bad he’s 3.

(What’s with me and 3-year-olds?!)


And yet I seem to be the one who has to answer all the hard questions. I’m sure Mom has gotten some too. But why am I the one who has to explain the Trinity and how Jesus is fully human and fully God? Why do I have to figure out how to tell a 6-year-old that taking God’s name in vain is bad? Next thing I know she’s gonna be asking me how to evangelize!

It takes a village to raise a child, I suppose. And I must be the deep village mystic or something. 🙂 I’m glad that I’ve been able to share stuff like that with Mikayla. I just wish I could figure out how to communicate it better. I always end up feeling stupid and like I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Which is probably right.

Oh well. God promises that nothing we do for Him is in vain. Even my babbling attempts to explain how God is three in one to her must have had some impact. Some purpose. *sigh*

I sure hope so. 🙂

What could possibly go wrong…..

…..when I ignore the Holy Spirit’s warnings.

…..when I think that I am strong enough to handle something.

…..when I promise myself this is “the last time”.

…..when I go against my own judgment.

…..when I go against everything I know to be right.

…..when I let my pride rule over my wisdom.

…..when I decide that I “just don’t care anymore”.

What could possibly go wrong?


I believe that I am whole.

I believe that the abuse wasn’t my fault and I didn’t “deserve” it.

I believe that God loves me, no matter what.

I believe that there is a higher purpose for life.

I believe that when I can’t walk anymore, I am carried by His infinite strength.

I believe that even in my darkest hour, He is there.

I believe that I am better than people say I am.

I believe that I have value, even if my job isn’t “important” and I don’t have a degree.

I believe that great harm and great good can come in the same form of touch.

I believe that I don’t deserve to be treated badly.

I believe that I should be respected in every way.

I believe in beauty.

I believe that even though I’ve been knocked down time and again, I will get back up and keep trying.

I believe that I am forgiven.

I believe that I am washed clean.

I believe that I am “good enough” to fall for a good guy who will love me and protect me.

I believe that I have learned from my mistakes and that I can move past them, while I take their lessons with me.

I believe that I am more than a sex object and should not be treated as such.

I believe that every blessing comes from Him.

I believe that family comes in many, sometimes surprising, forms.

I believe in love, even though I fight it.

This entire site could provide Andy with “Not the way it’s supposed to be” material!

Taking the Hobbits

(I don’t know what’s up with me and LOTR lately!)


So sweet? So wrong!

Mouse and Cheese

You sexy thang!


I so want to do this if I ever get pulled over. 😀

Milk and Cereal

Annie, who does this make you think of?! lol! Ah, ski trip.


The Village Legos

Now that I have every stupid song ever written stuck in your head, have a nice day! 😀

My life is rated R!

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I knew I shouldn’t have smoked that one time! 😉

Sheryl, Jon and I went to see ‘King Kong’ tonight. Here is a summary. (Lucky for us, there were about 3 other people in the theater and they were making comments too.)

Movie starts. Little monkey appears on screen.

Jon: He’s a lot smaller then I expected.

A bunch of men funding Jack Black’s movie are sitting in a room.

Me: Sheryl, isn’t that the guy from Dr. Quinn?

Sheryl: That’s what I was about to ask you!

Jon: Dr. Quinn?

Jack Black talks Naomi Watts into being in his movie.

Me: There’s a trustworthy guy.

Jon: What could possibly go wrong?

Naomi is doing the “preparing what I’m going to say to this person that I’m nervous about talking to in front of the mirror” bit.

Me: Do girls really do this?

Sheryl: I dunno. I don’t.

Me: Me either.

Jon: Don’t look at me. I’ve never been a girl.

Naomi “runs” to the front of the boat wearing an evening dress.

Me: I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!

Sheryl: You jump, I jump. Remember?

Noami is taken by Kong and whipped around like a rag doll.

Me: Her neck would have snapped by now.

Jon: You’re expecting realism from a movie about a giant monkey.

Adrian Brody is rounding up the troops.

Sheryl: I just don’t see Adrian Brody as the hero in this.

Jon: Me either.

Me: He ain’t exactly Indiana Jones.

The “search and rescue” group is getting ready to head out.

Sheryl: There are an awful lot of guns on that ship.

The “search and rescue” group sets off to find Naomi.

Jon: How many of the cast members do you bet are listed as “monkey chow” in the credits?

The “search and rescue” group runs into dinosaurs.

Me: We’ve gone from Titanic to Jurassic Park.

Stampede of dinosaurs ensues and ends with them all tripping and falling over each other.

Sheryl: Not the most graceful bunch.

Kong is fighting off dinosaurs to save Naomi.

Me: About this time she’s probably thinking, “I should’ve gone with the porn star thing.”

Kong kills the black guy.

Jon: I guessed wrong.

The “search and rescue” group fights off *huge* bugs.

Jon: There’re your spiders!

Me: Is everything on this island on some sort of miracle grow diet?

Jon: I told you. It’s monster island.

The asian guy is killed.

Sheryl: Apparently you have to be caucasian to survive this movie.

Naomi points to herself when describing “beautiful” to Kong.

Jon: Somebody’s full of herself.

Me: Has anybody else noticed that she’s spent half the movie wet and half dressed?

Sheryl: She’s dry now.

Me: Just wait. It won’t last.

Adrian is attempting to rescue Naomi.

Jon: Don’t worry. If you’re ever taken by a giant monkey, I’ll come up with a much better rescue plan.

Adrian and Naomi fall into the river.

Me: I told you she wouldn’t stay dry.

Jack Black decides they’re going to capture Kong.

Jon: Another brilliant plan.

Me: What could possibly go wrong?

They’ve captured Kong and have him chained on stage in a theater.

Jon: This won’t end well.

Me: What could possibly go wrong?

Kong sees Adrian and goes after him.

Jon: You’re the motherf***** that took her!

Kong keeps picking up blond women that look like Naomi from the back.

Jon: Yup, she picked the wrong day to change her hair color.

Kong has climbed the Empire State Building and Naomi is climbing after him.

Jon: Would you quit with the d*** ladders?!

Kong has been shot multiple times by the fighter jets and is slowly sinking down off the building. He and Naomi stare into each other’s eyes as he slowly dies and Naomi’s eyes water.

Me: I’ll never let go Jack. I’ll never let go! (Thanks Sheryl. I knew I was forgetting a Titanic quote!)

Kong is killed and falls off the building.

Jon: Well, really it works out better for her this way. Sure, she loved the monkey. But what kind of life would she have had? What job is a 25 foot monkey going to get?

Me: Window washer?

Found at Strider42’s xanga!

Men, Dwarves: Rings?
SAURON: Rings.
Middle Earth: Ok!
Elves: Us too!
SAURON: (snicker)
later . . .
SAURON: One more!
Men and Elves: Nope
Ilsildur: You killed my father . . . prepare to die!
SAURON: (boom)
ELROND: Ditch it!
Ilsildur: Nope (dies)
Ring: (snicker)
Gollum: Precious!
Bilbo: Shiny!

Gandalf: Hmm . . . Ring
Bilbo: Ring?
Frodo: Ring?
Sam: Ring?
Gandalf: RING!
All: Ooohhh . . .
Gandalf: catchya l8r

Hobbits: Strider?
Strider: Grar!
Hobbits: What?
Strider: behind you
Ringwraiths: Grar!
Hobbits: Wah!
Strider: GRAR!
Ringwraiths: (stabby)
Frodo: WAH!
Elves: better now

Gandalf: Blow it up!
Boromir: Keep it!
Pippin: . . . Key chain?
Strider: (sings) Woah, I just can’t WAIT
to be KING!
Frodo: I love keychains! Is Mordor up or down?

Strider: Mines?
Gandalf: scary!
Balrog: Grar!
Gandalf: Ticket?
Balrog: (Digs through his pockets)
Gandalf: boom
Orcs: Grar!
Frodo: NO!
Elves: Thanks for dumping this on us
Gimli: Why not help middle earth for a change you siccophantic pansy-
Strider: manners . . .
Gladariel: I’m you’re friend . . . ring? GRAR!
Tolkien: *groan*
Frodo: wah!
Boromir: Ring? GRAR!
Frodo: wah!
Strider: Ring?
Frodo: . . . no grar?
Strider: No grar.
Frodo: *whew*
Sting: Blue . . .
Orcs: Grar!


Rohan, Gondor: Evil?
Fellowship: EVIL!
All: oh . . .
Helmsdeep (both sides): GRAR!
Gandalf: Booyeah
Orcs: wah!
Trees: yummy . . .

Saruman: My Orthanc, My Palantir, My staff!
Gandalf: You wish. grar!
Saruman: wah!
Wormtoungue: (stabby!)
Tolkien: Not yet!
All: Gondor!
Gandalf: Express lane
Theoden: Carpool
Aragorn: Scenic Route
The dead: Pirate Ships!
Aragorn: Ok


Orcs: Grar!
Gondor: Wah!
Nazgul: screech
Theoden: Burn baby, Burn!
Gandalf, Pippen: nope
Rohan: *whistles Flight of the Valkries*
Elephants: Grar!
The dead: . . . boo

Frodo: To heavy . . .
Sam: Can we trust Gollum?
Frodo: look how happy he is
Gollum: hehehehehehe kill the hobbits hehehehehehehe kill the hobbits
Frodo: Spooky cave?
Gollum: only way . . .
Frodo: wah!
Sam: (squish) Mr. Frodo! . . . well, off I go then
Orcs: he’s not dead
Sam: oh . . .

Gimli: Booyea!
Aragorn: not really . . .
Gandalf: remember Frodo and the ring
Gimli: Who?
Legolas: Back in the first movie, I think. Am I a pirate?
Jonny Dep: (snicker)
Aragorn: Ooo, Ooo, distraction! Buy em’ some time

Orcs: Hobbit . . .
Frodo: Wah! I need an adult!
Sam: Grar!
Orcs: wah!
Frodo and Sam in orc drag: Now all we have to do is get to past that Army and into that Volcano.
Army: (gets our of their way)
Hobbits: Thanks
Tolkien: (snicker)

Aragorn: It’s good to be the king
Mel Brooks: My Line!
Gandalf: The gates!
Hobbits: *wimper*

Sam and Frodo: Volcano!
Gollum: grar!
Frodo: Smeagol Promised!
Sam: told you
Frodo: my ring! (fwump)
Sam: No!
Gollum: grar!

Aragorn: I see in your eyes the same need to take a bathroom break that would take the heart of me! A day may come when all these endings wrap up, but it is not this day! This day we fight!
Men: w00t
Hobbits: w00t
Gimli: Never thought I’d die fighting side by side with an elf
Legolas: Am I a pirate yet?

Gollum: chomp!
Frodo: WAH!
Gollum: WAH!
Ring: WAH!
Sauron: dieing again
All: yay!

Aragorn: La di la di dah di dah
All: *groan*
Hobbits: Home, just like we left it!
Tolkien: *groan*
Frodo: l8r
Hobbits: *wimper*
Sam: Well . . . I get my line

Tolkien: . . .eh . . . could have been worse
Legolas: *surfs*
Tolkien: *gags*

Buffy: Nothing’s ever simple anymore. I’m constantly trying to work it out. Who to love or hate, who to trust. It’s just like the more I know, the more confused I get.

Giles: Well, I believe that’s called growing up.

Buffy: I’d like to stop, then, ok?

Giles: I know the feeling.

Buffy: Does it ever get easy?

Giles: You mean life?

Buffy: Yeah. Does it get easy?

Giles: What do you want me to say?

Buffy: Lie to me

Giles: Yes, it’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats. And we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies and everybody lives happily ever after.

If only that really were the case. :-\

We. Are. Blessed.

I’m going to say that right now. That building is perfect. As everyone prayed during communion, please let us never take that blessing for granted and help us to use it in the best ways possible.

This morning was a “get to know your building” day. 🙂 I had seen it (which was good since I showed up half an hour late……) so I was able to find everything I needed. We sang a couple of songs and Shane had us turn to James 2 (which I don’t believe we read.) Then I remembered that I needed to ask Nicole if she had brought the Ranch dressing so I scooted out and into the kids room for a minute. Then I ended up getting “stuck” because the kids wanted me to stay. lol. So I have no idea what Shane talked about. But that’s ok. I enjoy being with the kids. And Nicole and Hannah were in there.

Nicole was teaching Sunday school. She did a lesson on Noah. The kids made some very colorful pictures. Bubby did a rainbow ark and killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Emmy was Nicole’s helper. Eli was glued to Nicole’s hip. Spencer was an angel as usual. The kids were good about answering questions after the story.

I went back out and we were supposed to pray for each other and the “ministry” areas that we are in each week. Then we did communion. Josh and Mr. Miller passed around the bread and sparkling grape juice. (I’m assuming that’s what it was. It’s a good thing I don’t believe that I’m really drinking Jesus’ blood because He’d have had some awfully thin blood!) Then Shane had a few people pray a blessing over the building and us. Then it was chow time!

We had more than enough bread and salad. I think we’re covered in the bread area for communion for awhile. 😉  Hannah, Sheryl, Crystal, Nicole and I all ate together. That was fun. 🙂 Then I went to walk Hannah out and we ran into Crystal who had just come from the bathroom. She goes, “Ya’ll are serious about this community stuff. Even the bathroom is communal. Two toilets and no stalls.” To which I said, “Because my urination just hasn’t been public enough lately!” Sheesh. I know girls go to the bathroom in groups but that’s a bit much.

For some reason, couches and stuffed chairs seem to attract high school students and 20 somethings. Almost all of the people from those categories ended up in our “foyer” on the couch and chair. (And the table. lol @ Andrew!)

The kids were all running around screaming. Occasionally one of us girls would grab a kid running by and tickle them, then set them free to wreck more havoc. Spencer became quite attached to my water bottle. I told him I’d bring it the next week for him to play with.

Nicole, Jenn and I discussed wedding stuff. We have to get our bridesmaid dresses ordered with a quickness. It takes four months to get them here. :-O So, yeah, we have to find the time to get all of us back to the bridal shop. It’s amazing how far in advance they make you do stuff for weddings. The darn thing is 6 months away!

It was fun to watch everyone interact with each other. People moving from table to table and group to group talking. The kids all playing together. Food is a great unifying factor. 🙂 And there were no disasters. Nothing overflowed or was knocked over or smashed. Not that I expected anything like that. 😉

But now, it’s time for a nap. I think I’m getting rambly. 😀 Take care all. And come visit us in our building!

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