Jesus is your *what*?!

*flips through Bible*

*looks through hymnal*

*goes through devotional*

I’m sorry, I don’t see the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘boyfriend’ anywhere together. Descriptions of Jesus: Shepherd, Friend, Savior, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Emmanuel, Mighty King, Lamb of God. The closest thing I’ve found to “boyfriend” is “Lover of my soul”.

I get the idea behind saying that Jesus is your boyfriend. You’re saying that He is all you need and that you don’t need a guy to complete you. Which, by the way, I agree with (completely 😉 ). To quote Crystal, one half a person plus another half a person doesn’t make a complete anything. It makes a half-assed relationship, is what it does. But I digress. 😀

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a boyfriend typically one who takes you on dates and brings you flowers and you cuddle with and kiss? (This is what my sources tell me anyway. 😉 ) I’m sorry but a make-out session with your Savior is all that comes to mind when I hear this.

I know that this is an idea that’s pretty much been given to you by Christian “dating” books. Not to mention the more recent “worship” songs, which are beginning to sound more and more like “baby, you’re all that I want” and less like “Jesus, Son of God, holy and awesome and mighty”. And now I’ve got that South Park episode running through my head. Thanks a lot, Sheryl. 🙂

Jesus is not your boyfriend. Does He love you? Yes. Is His love passionate? I’d say so. But not in a “ooh, baby, I want you” kind of way. His love is patient, kind, sacrificial, never ending. Don’t make Jesus your boyfriend. Make Him your Master Teacher and learn how to love like He does. Then maybe when a nice guy comes along who could be your real boyfriend, you just might be ready for him.