My pre-school class on Mondays has a bunch of drama kings and queens. I feel like I’m working with high schoolers again. (No offense, guys. 😉 )

Renee is extremely moody and stubborn. (Hmm…..who does that sound like? *sheepish grin*) If she decides that she doesn’t like you, that’s the end of it. You can’t be redeemed in her eyes. Today she left her winter coat on the entire morning for MOPS. *I* was getting hot in there and I’m usually cold.

Rosie is very emotional. She’s either happy or completely in tears. On Monday she thought that Jamie had forgotten to call on her and bust into tears, taking Jamie completely by surprise. Rosie and Renee are good friends but today Rosie was playing with Olivia and that made Renee mad. (Plus she was in a mood anyway.) So Jamie and I ended up having to explain to both girls that it’s ok to have more than one friend.

Abigail is the teacher’s pet type. She always wants me to sit with her or play with her, which I can rarely do because I have stuff I need to get done.

Ben and Benji are good friends but we constantly have to seperate them during chapel and story time. They end up rough housing or talking or sitting on each other if we don’t.

Joel is a good kid, though I’m beginning to suspect he has a teacher crush. He always wants to help me and show me how strong he is.

Then we have our lunch bunch. They’re the group from the pre-school next door who join our group at lunch time.

On Monday, the little girl Meredith came over to me as I was setting up snack. She goes, “Can we go talk about this in the bathroom?” I’m thinking, “Ooookay! Talk about what?” So we go to the bathroom and she says, “Ok, this is how it was.” (At which point I almost lost it laughing. She sounded so matter-of-fact and grown up.) She proceeded to tell me that Devin, another little boy in her class, had hit her and said something mean. So I asked if she had told her teacher. No, she was busy. Ok, we’ll talk to Devin before lunch. I stand up and start to head for the door. “Actually, this is how it was.” Apparently Devin had taken off while Meredith was talking to him to go see another little girl, Annalise. So I explained that maybe he hadn’t heard her or sometimes people get distracted or whatever. Later, I told Jamie and she said, “Have you noticed all the bows in Meredith’s hair lately?” So now I’m in the middle of some 5-year-old soap opera. Meredith likes Devin who likes Annalise who likes I don’t know who!

They’re a fun group. I just hope they don’t keep this up until they get to their teens. That’s when they’re supposed to be emotional and moody and cliquey and have crushes. Not at five.

Sheesh! 🙂