I was thinking the other day, as I often do. 😉 I forget what the thought process was that led to this but I started thinking about Heaven and our misconceptions about it and something occured to me. We always say that Heaven will be perfect but is that what the Bible says about it? Because we say that the garden of Eden was perfect but that isn’t what God called it. God said it was good.

Perfection implies completion, never to need change or improvement. Good implies that there could be better. That there is room to evolve to something else. And since it’s going to be a new heavens and new earth (i.e. take care of our earth because we’re coming back!), does that mean we’re just going to go back to an Edenic state? (Don’t mind me as I make up new words.)

If any of you pastor types or just generally smart people would care to weigh in here (*cough*Rich*cough*), I really would like to hear someone’s opinion who knows more about this than me. 😀