So, I haven’t really been on here as much. I’m still not sure why. I just kinda feel listless about the whole blogging thing. Unfortunately, that also carried over into my INtake blog. All the bloggers got an email from the guy in charge telling us that if we didn’t start blogging and getting the prompts done (at the very least), then we needed to let him know if we didn’t want to blog anymore. Haha, oops. So now I have to blog about the bird flu. 😛

This weekend is gonna be mad crazy busy. Ro and I are baking cookies for Jenn’s bridal shower in a bit. Then I’m going with Crystal to a concert. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to help Sheryl get stuff ready for her graduation party before I have to leave to set up for the bridal shower. Jenn has the most disorganized bridal party *ever*! It took us until about Wed. to say, “hey, that shower that we kept thinking was so far off is in three days! Maybe we should figure some stuff out.” And then we couldn’t find our lists from our brainstorming session so we didn’t know who was in charge of what and….yeah. Poor Jenn. I hope you aren’t reading this honey! I swear we’re getting it pulled together. 🙂 So that’s tomorrow. Then right after the shower is Sheryl’s graduation party. Eee-gads!

Sunday we have church and Sheryl’s actual graduation. That should be interesting. I’ve never been to a real school graduation. Oh yeah, and Mother’s Day. Hmm…..maybe I should figure out a gift for my mom. Haha. This is so bad…….

Monday is the last day of pre-school. We aren’t going to have a couple of our kids due to vacations and stuff. Hopefully it will be an easy last day. But even if it’s not, I’ll have a whole week to recuperate because I have the week off. I was supposed to be in D.C. but due to various things, it got cancelled. And Reegan’s grandparents are still coming up so Valorie said I could just take the week off. Woo-hoo! Paid vacation! Now hopefully the weather will warm up a bit so I can enjoy it.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening’. It’s really good. I can’t tell if the author is a Christian or not because she’ll talk about God or the Spirit but in a really non-commital way. Maybe she’s New Agey. Whatever the case, it’s been really good. It gives different practices that you can do to improve the quality of your listening and through that, improve your relationships. If people feel like they are really being listened to and understood, it’s the closest thing to feeling loved. There are also different types of conversation and the reason anger and confusion results in a lot of conversations is one or more of the people doesn’t recognize the type of conversation that they are in, so they don’t follow the “rules” of that particular type of discourse. And that can lead to them feeling misunderstood or making an inappropriate remark or something. It’s kinda weird because I can think back to conversations and situations where this has happened either with me or the person I was talking with.

I’m still trying to finish ‘God’s Politics’. I keep putting it off because it’s kind of an exhausting read for me. I don’t understand politics so I have to really concentrate on some of the stuff he says.

I was at College Park on Monday night. It was the last time I got to see Hannah before she left. 😦 She’s off to Germany for a year. We were there when the dance practice for cantata was going on so I got to watch that. I know Shane and Josh will laugh but I really do miss cantatas. They are so much fun. The dancing and the music and all of it. But I guess I’m past the cantata stage of my life. 🙂 Kate Shaunessy (butchered that name) was there. She’s one of the dancers. She came up and gave me a hug and asked if I was doing VBS this year. I said I hadn’t talked to Kels but I would call her and see what was up. So now I’m doing VBS. 😀 Drama and music. Woo-hoo!

I was also at CPC on Friday right after the Men of Purity conference let out for the night. It was *weird* being one of 5 females in the entire building. I walked in and saw all men and thought, “oh, crap. I forgot about that conference.” Talk about my worst nightmare. I quickly sought out Debbie and we hid in the office for a bit. Then we ventured out and I just felt like I should be wearing a mumu. These men all just heard this talk on purity and I probably looked like a walking temptation sign or something. “This is what not to lust after” or something. lol. But I got to see Jack and Brian and Isaiah. Debbie and I had a cook out with Matt and Josh and Josh’s girlfriend Amanda. That was fun.

The Dwelling Place has been kinda crazy the past couple of weeks. Lots of random visitors and our regulars have been at conferences and sick and stuff. Hopefully we’ll get back to “normal” this week.

Ok, I should probably go get ready for my day. Ro and I have to bake. Pray we don’t burn her house down. 😀