So, tonight Sheryl, Crystal and I went swing dancing again. A ton of people that we knew were there. Don and Cheryl Bartemus were there again, with Ron and Beverly Page. They were precious! (*wink wink*) I barely remembered anything from the last time so I got a crash course refresher right at the end of the lesson. Eee-gads. Luckily, I think I managed to only step on one person’s foot the whole night. (Sorry Ben!)

Notes to Crystal:

“I’ve been initiated!”
“Jazz hands!”
“I’ve got a little extra colonge….”
“Start walking!” “Just keep moving and keep your head low!”
Stupid drunk guys hitting on us.

I definitely wished my brother was there. He’s a good dancer and was able to teach me some fun moves last time. I danced with Chris once, Doug a few times, David once, Ben a few times. Then we got to the last song and I was just standing to the side watching. There were a few couples that I could’ve just stood and watched and been perfectly happy. They were *good*! But then this guy comes over and asks me to dance. I figured it’s a “It’s the last dance, she’s the closest available girl” type thing. So we’re dancing and chatting. Then the song ends and I’m thinking that’s that when he sits and motions for me to sit too. This was my first clue that this might be more than a dance. The band did an encore and we danced to that and then we sit and talk some more. Finally he gets around to asking if I want to grab something to eat in the little diner that’s connected. I said sure. He was a nice enough guy and to be honest, I was a little curious to see where this was going. (Though my suspicions ended up being right.) So it’s me, him and his younger brother who was a sweetie and we’re all just sitting and talking. But the whole time I’m thinking, “Yeah, this ain’t going far.” He dropped the f-bomb a couple of times, which doesn’t bother me really but it was in casual conversation where I was kinda like, “Okay and the reason for that was?” Then he starts telling this story about seeing two girls get into a cat fight and the one girl ripping the other’s shirt off. *eye roll*

Luckily we weren’t there for too long. We’re getting ready to leave and he asks for my number. I try to duck it by cracking jokes about how I don’t believe in phones and all this. Unfortunately, he was a persistent little bugger. So I ended up giving him my cell phone number. I know! Whatever was wrong with me the night of the Steak n’ Shake Stalker was apparently going wonky tonight too. But I didn’t get the creepy stalker vibe *and* he’s the type that’ll forget about me the next cute girl that comes walking by. He did walk me to my car, so that earned him a couple of points. On the whole, this night was a reminder of why I don’t date.