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Love God and love others. Those are the two greatest commandments that Jesus gave. Unfortunately, that also means loving those who are hard to love.

‘Enemy’ is a strong word to me. It takes quite a bit for someone to become my enemy. But even if someone does get to that point, I’m supposed to love them too. In a lot of ways, this is a hard concept. But to me, there is something even harder at times: loving other people in the Church.

There are quite a few people who I would love to tell to sit down and shut up. They don’t speak for the rest of Christians, despite they seem to have appointed themselves the spokesperson. Every Christian doesn’t believe that you had to vote for Bush in order to still be a Christian. Every Christian doesn’t believe that what happened on 9-11 or that Hurricane Katrina were God’s judgements on the US/homosexuals/anyone you want to make a scapegoat. And when I say that I’m a Christian, part of me *hates* being associated with the people who have said these things.

But because Jesus commanded it, I’m supposed to love them.

I’m supposed to love the guy who gets on tv and makes the rest of us look like bigots and idiots. I’m supposed to love the people in the churchs who have so obviously missed the point of Jesus’ message. I’m supposed to love the people who think that they are the only one’s who are right and that everyone else is going to Hell. And when I critisize these people, I have to make sure that I am critisizing in love. Not out of anger or malice. This can be a point where I stumble over my own tongue.

Often my “love” turns to frustration. (Though a quick humility check usually takes care of that.) I don’t understand why people can’t see the damage they are doing. I don’t understand why people who carry “God hates fags” signs can’t see how this directly goes against the second greatest commandment. (Love *others*! Others! Not “other Christians” or “other people like you”. This does not come with a list of exceptions!) I don’t understand the people who want to keep “non-believers” out of church because it “looks bad” to have them there. Then these same people turn around and welcome the man who is filled with greed or the woman whose pride is worn like a badge of honor and you never hear a rebuke out of them. These are the people that I have trouble loving.

Guess we all have our faults. 🙂

Today was the last day of pre-school and the lesson for the day was about Dorcas. Dorcas was a lady who sewed clothing for poor people and gave it to them. She died, so all the people that loved her called for Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, to come and see what he could do. He prayed and she was brought back to life.

In Sunday school and in these classes, we teach the kids that miracles like being brought back to life were good things. Everyone was happy, including the person who had been brought back. But would they really have been happy?

Picture that. You have been dead for who knows how long. In most of the Bible stories, it was usually at least a day. Then suddenly you’re brought back to this earth. Would you be happy about that? I mean, yeah living life can be fun. But when it’s over, I want it to be over. I don’t want to think that I can finally rest and then be jolted back into this life. If you had been dead, you now have to re-adjust to life. Back to the struggles and hurt and limitations that come with living here. If I was Dorcas or Lazurus or any of those people, I might react more like Buffy.

All the joy life sends.
Family and friends.
All the twists and bends.
Knowing that it ends.
Well, that depends.

On if they let you go.
On if they know enough to know
That when you’ve bowed
You leave the crowd

There was no pain, no fear no doubt,
‘Til they pulled me out of Heaven.

So that’s my refrain.
I live in Hell, ’cause I’ve been expelled from Heaven.
I think I was in Heaven.

And was it in the best interest of the person brought back or was it pure selfishness? I’m sure Dorcas was just thrilled to come back and sew more clothes, especially since I don’t think she was a young woman. Lazurus was brought back just to have to watch his good friend die a little while later. I wonder what their thoughts were? Would that have been a gift to them? Or does it even matter?

Girls you know you better watch out
some guys, some guys are only about
that thing, that thing, that thing

It’s been three weeks since you’ve been looking for your friend
The one you let hit it and never called you again
‘Member when he told you he was ’bout the Benjamins
You act like you ain’t hear him then gave him a little trim
To begin, how you think you really gon’ pretend
Like you wasn’t down then you called him again
Plus when you give it up so easy you ain’t even fooling him
If you did it then, then you probably f*** again
Talking out your neck sayin’ you’re a Christian
A Muslim sleeping with the gin
Now that was the sin that did Jezebel in
Who you gon’ tell when the repercussions spin
Showing off your ass ’cause you’re thinking it’s a trend
Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again
You know I only say it ’cause I’m truly genuine
Don’t be a hardrock when you’re really a gem
Babygirl, respect is just a minimum
N****s f***ed up and you still defending them
Now Lauryn is only human
Don’t think I haven’t been through the same predicament
Let it sit inside your head like a million women in Philly, Penn.
It’s silly when girls sell their soul because it’s in
Look at where you be in hair weaves like Europeans
Fake nails done by Koreans
Come again
Come again, come again, come again, come again

Guys you know you better watch out
Some girls, some girls are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing

The second verse is dedicated to the men
More concerned with his rims and his Timbs than his women
Him and his men come in the club like hooligans
Don’t care who they offend popping yang like you got yen
Let’s not pretend, they wanna pack pistol by they waist men
Cristal by the case men, still in they mother’s basement
The pretty face, men claiming that they did a bid men
Need to take care of their three and four kids men
They facing a court case when the child’s support late
Money taking, heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men
The sneaky silent men the punk domestic violence men
The quick to shoot the semen stop acting like boys and be men
How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within
How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within
How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within
Come again
Come again, come again, come again, come again

Girls you know you better watch out
Some guys, some guys are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing

Guys you know you better watch out
Some girls, some girls are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing

So, I haven’t really been on here as much. I’m still not sure why. I just kinda feel listless about the whole blogging thing. Unfortunately, that also carried over into my INtake blog. All the bloggers got an email from the guy in charge telling us that if we didn’t start blogging and getting the prompts done (at the very least), then we needed to let him know if we didn’t want to blog anymore. Haha, oops. So now I have to blog about the bird flu. 😛

This weekend is gonna be mad crazy busy. Ro and I are baking cookies for Jenn’s bridal shower in a bit. Then I’m going with Crystal to a concert. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to help Sheryl get stuff ready for her graduation party before I have to leave to set up for the bridal shower. Jenn has the most disorganized bridal party *ever*! It took us until about Wed. to say, “hey, that shower that we kept thinking was so far off is in three days! Maybe we should figure some stuff out.” And then we couldn’t find our lists from our brainstorming session so we didn’t know who was in charge of what and….yeah. Poor Jenn. I hope you aren’t reading this honey! I swear we’re getting it pulled together. 🙂 So that’s tomorrow. Then right after the shower is Sheryl’s graduation party. Eee-gads!

Sunday we have church and Sheryl’s actual graduation. That should be interesting. I’ve never been to a real school graduation. Oh yeah, and Mother’s Day. Hmm…..maybe I should figure out a gift for my mom. Haha. This is so bad…….

Monday is the last day of pre-school. We aren’t going to have a couple of our kids due to vacations and stuff. Hopefully it will be an easy last day. But even if it’s not, I’ll have a whole week to recuperate because I have the week off. I was supposed to be in D.C. but due to various things, it got cancelled. And Reegan’s grandparents are still coming up so Valorie said I could just take the week off. Woo-hoo! Paid vacation! Now hopefully the weather will warm up a bit so I can enjoy it.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening’. It’s really good. I can’t tell if the author is a Christian or not because she’ll talk about God or the Spirit but in a really non-commital way. Maybe she’s New Agey. Whatever the case, it’s been really good. It gives different practices that you can do to improve the quality of your listening and through that, improve your relationships. If people feel like they are really being listened to and understood, it’s the closest thing to feeling loved. There are also different types of conversation and the reason anger and confusion results in a lot of conversations is one or more of the people doesn’t recognize the type of conversation that they are in, so they don’t follow the “rules” of that particular type of discourse. And that can lead to them feeling misunderstood or making an inappropriate remark or something. It’s kinda weird because I can think back to conversations and situations where this has happened either with me or the person I was talking with.

I’m still trying to finish ‘God’s Politics’. I keep putting it off because it’s kind of an exhausting read for me. I don’t understand politics so I have to really concentrate on some of the stuff he says.

I was at College Park on Monday night. It was the last time I got to see Hannah before she left. 😦 She’s off to Germany for a year. We were there when the dance practice for cantata was going on so I got to watch that. I know Shane and Josh will laugh but I really do miss cantatas. They are so much fun. The dancing and the music and all of it. But I guess I’m past the cantata stage of my life. 🙂 Kate Shaunessy (butchered that name) was there. She’s one of the dancers. She came up and gave me a hug and asked if I was doing VBS this year. I said I hadn’t talked to Kels but I would call her and see what was up. So now I’m doing VBS. 😀 Drama and music. Woo-hoo!

I was also at CPC on Friday right after the Men of Purity conference let out for the night. It was *weird* being one of 5 females in the entire building. I walked in and saw all men and thought, “oh, crap. I forgot about that conference.” Talk about my worst nightmare. I quickly sought out Debbie and we hid in the office for a bit. Then we ventured out and I just felt like I should be wearing a mumu. These men all just heard this talk on purity and I probably looked like a walking temptation sign or something. “This is what not to lust after” or something. lol. But I got to see Jack and Brian and Isaiah. Debbie and I had a cook out with Matt and Josh and Josh’s girlfriend Amanda. That was fun.

The Dwelling Place has been kinda crazy the past couple of weeks. Lots of random visitors and our regulars have been at conferences and sick and stuff. Hopefully we’ll get back to “normal” this week.

Ok, I should probably go get ready for my day. Ro and I have to bake. Pray we don’t burn her house down. 😀

Have you Ever…?
Played Spin the Bottle?: No
Toilet Paper someone’s house: We were going to but I think my friend’s mom stopped us from leaving
Played Poker with money: Change, maybe
Gone swimming in a white T-shirt: Yup
been tickled so hard you couldn’t talk: Yes. Grrrr. I hate being tickled.
like someone but never told them: Mine is a silent love 😉
went camping: Oh, the stories. I should post those on here some time
had a crush on your broher’s friend: I was married to one of them! 😀
walk in the rain without an umbrella: Um, yeah. And sang and danced and run……
told a joke that NObody thought was funny: Haha, sure
been in a talent show: I am my own talent show
started laughing at someone’s bedtime: What?!
worn somthing your mom didn’t appove of: Erm……yes
been to a nude beach: Not yet 😉
drank jack daniels: I have a feeling it’s going to be one I don’t like
cursed in a church: *snicker* In front of the head pastor and church facillitator too 😀
been called a slut for kissing someone: No, but that’s only because no one knows! Hahaha!
burnt yourslef with a curling iron/straightner: What girl hasn’t?
wanted to be a police officer: For about a minute
dumped someone: No. I’ve had to give guys the “let’s just be friends” talk but we weren’t dating at the time
been hit on by someone too old: *scowls* All. The. Time!
wanted to be a model: Wanted to be? Shoot, I *was* one!
bought lottery tickets: No
made out in a car: No
cried during a movie: There are three movies that I have cried at. The Passion, Hotel Rwanda and Crash
wanted something you couldn’t have: Who hasn’t?
had sex on the beach: Ok, not as romantic as it sounds. Think about it. Sand in places you really don’t want it?
had the drink sex on the beach: Not yet
seen someone shoplift: I think so
hung up on someone: *groan* Yes and then got mocked for my dramatic exit.
yelled at you pet: I yell at my parents dog all the time
bought a thong when the casheir was a guy: No, but only because I don’t wear thongs.
tried to strip when drunk: *whistles and looks away*
gotten seasick: Nope
had a stalker: Yeah, that was a good time! *eye roll*
played a prank on somone that had them really scared: *evil laugh*
been embarassed by one of your family: Um, yes
felt bad about eating meat: Not really
protested: Marched around with a sign? No
been to an island: Oh yeah
been in love: *sigh*
ate jus because you were bored: Yeah, that’s a really bad habit of mine.
looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said “aww”: Tee-hee
Screamed in a library: Heh, no
Made out with a stranger: I should just go up to some random guy and kiss him. That would wig everyone out
Been Dumped: I ain’t givin anyone the chance
Wished a part of you was different: Yup. Why can’t I just be happy with my body?
asked a guy to dance: Nope
been asked out by a really hot guy: Jon’s pretty foine! 😉
laughe so hard you cried: Hehehe!!!!!! I usually end up having to sit on the floor too, so then it’s just a total spectacle
went up to a complete stranger and started talking: Um, yeah
been sunburned: Seems I get burnt about once a year
kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert: No, but not because I haven’t been tempted
threw up in school: Nope. The only thing I remember doing is getting my pinky caught in one of the rings on my binder when I was closing it and then Renee and I wrote a poem about it
recieved an anonymous love letter: Yes. Creepy
had to wear something you hated: ……*blinks*……who hasn’t?
been to a luau: Not a real one
saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass: I’ve seen an ex-something that I’ve wanted to hurt……but he wasn’t a boyfriend
cursed in front of your parents: Tee-hee!
been in a commerical on tv: Not yet!
watched a movie that made you miss your ex: Um, no
been out of the country: Yeah
been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk: It used to be a ritual when I walked to Wendy’s from Firm 57 for lunch. Almost every single day, I got honked at.
won at pool: Heck no!
went to a party where you were the ony sober one: Yup
went on a diet: Helloooo South Beach!
been lost out to sea: Nope
cheated on your bf: Never
been cheated on: Never
tanned topless: Alright, what pervert guy made this survey up?
been attacked by seagulls: ?!?!
been searched in an airport: Me and another Liberty student, oddly enough. That was pretty funny
been on a plane: Um, yeah
been pants-ed: *grumbles*stupid little brothers*grumbles* Not that I didn’t pants him right back……
thown a shoe at someone: People, spiders……
broke someone’s heart: Oh yeah, that’s me. A real heartbreaker
sung in the shower: “I’ll never tell……”
bought something way too expensive: *groan* yes
done something really stupid that you still laugh about: three words: Chicago toll booth. Though my stupidity *did* save us 80 cents 😀
been walked in on when you were dressing: Yes
ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie: LOL! No
been kicked out of the mall: Noooo…….
ben mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back: Just about any time I’m mean. Haha. I’m such a softie
been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one: Never got detention
done something stupid when you were drunk: Uh, yeah
fell off your roof: Scared of heights
pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone: Uh, no
had a deer jump in fron of your car: No
threated someone witha water gun: Oooh, we should all have a big water gun fight!
Can you….
Unwrap a starburst with your tounge: I dunno
sing: Mmm…..kinda
open your eyes underwater: No. Ow
eat whatever you want and not have to worry: Ha! I wish!
ice skate: I’ve only been three times and I’m ok if I can hold someone’s hand. Otherwise, it’s the wall for me!
sing in front of a crowd: *gulp* No
whistle: Yup
be a bitch at times: :-
do thirty pull ups: I can’t do *one* pull up, ok?
walkin in really high heals: Not really. I can but I look goofy
eat super spicy foods: No
skateboard: I about busted my butt the first time I tried
sleep with the lights on: I can if I have to but I prefer not to
mulititask: Heck yeah!
touch your nose with your tounge: No
fall asleep easily in the car: Depends on how tired I am
do the cotton eye joe: Do the what now?
play ddr and not fall: I don’t fall but I don’t do well either
surf: Never tried
fit in your locker: Never had a locker
do a split: I used to. Not so much anymore
taste the difference between pepsi and coke: Yeah

Take this quiz at

So now you know. 😉

I was thinking the other day, as I often do. 😉 I forget what the thought process was that led to this but I started thinking about Heaven and our misconceptions about it and something occured to me. We always say that Heaven will be perfect but is that what the Bible says about it? Because we say that the garden of Eden was perfect but that isn’t what God called it. God said it was good.

Perfection implies completion, never to need change or improvement. Good implies that there could be better. That there is room to evolve to something else. And since it’s going to be a new heavens and new earth (i.e. take care of our earth because we’re coming back!), does that mean we’re just going to go back to an Edenic state? (Don’t mind me as I make up new words.)

If any of you pastor types or just generally smart people would care to weigh in here (*cough*Rich*cough*), I really would like to hear someone’s opinion who knows more about this than me. 😀

Reasons to smile

* MOPS is over for the summer! One job down, one to go.

* My car is working (knock on wood!)

* I have two checks going into the bank.

* It’s Friday!

* I have both dresses for the weddings I’m in and the one that needs altered isn’t going to cost much, if at all.

* I’m listening to ‘Once More, With Feeling’! (Thanks Crystal!)

* I got to see my best friend from elementary school yesterday. We went “bar hopping” for her 21st.

* It’s a b-e-a-u-tiful day!

* Only two weeks of pre-school left.

* I have Unconditional Chocolate ice cream in my freezer. (If you ever want to make my day, find that ice cream. 😀 )

* I have nothing that I have to do tomorrow. Which means I can do all those things that I need to do but haven’t had time for. (i.e. laundry, washing the car, cleaning the house, organizing stuff)

* Heck, I’m alive, have more than enough food and clothes, and I have people who love me. That alone is reason enough to smile. :smooches:

So everyone is freaking out over MySpace. “It’s dangerous.” “Kids are giving out too much information.” “There are pedophiles everywhere on it.” The news and parents are making it out to be the people who began MySpace’s fault. My theory?

It’s the parents. The parents are the ones who didn’t teach their kids how to be safe on the internet. The parents are the ones who don’t know what their kids are up to. The parents are the ones who are too busy to moniter what their children are doing.

It is not the fault of the people who started and work on MySpace. I have an account there and it’s been a great way of reconnecting with old friends from school and work. But like in most other areas of life, there’s a smart way and a dumb way to do it.

MySpace has tons of options to keep your profile more safe.

* Make your profile private so that only your “friends” can see it.
* Don’t friend people you don’t know.
* Don’t agree to meet people you don’t know and if you do, make it a group thing.
* Don’t put personal information on. Leave out the names of places and people.
* Remember that anyone can sound fun, cute and charming online.

Another complaint about MySpace is that it gives kids a place to exhibit “lewd, criminal or even just tasteless behavior”. I hate to break it to you but if your child is going to post half naked pictures or threaten someone, there are a lot more ways to do that than just MySpace.

MySpace is a great way to build community. I know it might sound kooky but real friendships and relationships are being built on this site. The internet can be a wonderful tool, when used properly.

So parents, take some responsibility. Talk to your kids are what is and is not ok on the internet. After you talk about it, enforce it. I’m not saying give your children no privacy and demand every detail but keep an eye on things. For starters, you could go create an account yourself and friend them. 🙂

I’m a geek! And I’m ok with that. 😀

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