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We finally made it to Ro’s, packed up her car and left. The drive to Bloomington was uneventful, thank the Lord. We arrived at the Super 8 Motel (which I later dubbed the Super Ghetto Motel) and got checked in. Then we took the luggage cart out and loaded it up so we wouldn’t have to make more than one trip. We head back to find the elevator only to find there is none. So we went back to the front desk to request a room change. We got the different key cards and went off down the hall. On the way we passed a soda machine that had soda bottles that were completely sucked in in the middle. That made us rather leery of the vending machines. Then we passed the pool where we could see a thin layer of film covering it. We decided we wouldn’t be swimming that evening unless the boys had a better pool. (They were in the Quality Inn that was literally right next door.)

We got settled in by yanking the comforters off the beds, inspecting for bed bugs, admiring the lovely caulking job in the bathroom and discovering that our window opened a whopping 2 inches. Ro got started on her hair, Nicole was touching up her nails and I was scrubbing at the rough skin on my feet when Ro commented, “If only the boys could see us now.” The things we do to look good, I tell you. 😉 Sometime during all this, Shane called me to let me know that he had arrived and was at his hotel and told us to call him when we went to dinner. 45 minutes later, we had decided on Jimmy Johns with plans for Ritters afterward. We called Shane and managed to find him despite Bloomington’s fascination with one-way streets and not using street signs.

We had a great time at Jimmy Johns and then asked the guys who worked there if they knew where the Ritters was. They said that they didn’t think there was a Ritters (which was dumb because they had one listed in our motel book) but there was a ColdStone down the street. We decided to settle for that and took off walking. We walked all over and the people we saw fit into 3 categories: hippies, preppies and skaters. We were the odd people out. (I didn’t look as hippie as I usually do.) Apparently what that town does for fun is give bad directions to tourists. I don’t think we got good directions from anyone. The ColdStone ended up being right down the street from Jimmy Johns but we didn’t discover this until we had walked to the other side of the town. Luckily it was nice out and we had time to kill anyway so we didn’t mind. It completely amused us that no one could give us proper directions.

We finally found the place and each of us spent about $5 on ice cream. It was tasty though. We continued walking and right across the street was the IU campus so we walked over there while we ate. There was a building with some quote on it but a tree was hiding the last bit of it so we all walked over trying to read the darn thing and then it didn’t even make sense when we figured out what it said. We sat down on a bench and just talked about everything. This is where it got *really* fun. (Sarcasm.)

Nicole called Jenn to find out if they were on their way yet. Andy and Chris were driving up together and Jenn was picking up Tami and bringing her after dropping Eli off with Pati, Jenn’s mom. She was supposed to take Eli for the night and bring him up the next day. Come to find out that Andy’s truck had run out of gas and Jenn had his credit card so he and Chris were stuck in Greenwood waiting for Jenn. Meanwhile, Jenn was having a crisis of her own. Her mother decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to take Eli and that she was going to go hang out with some family members instead. So Jenn had been running all over trying to find her mother, who hadn’t called to tell her any of this and who wasn’t answering any phone calls. When Nicole talked to Jenn, she was completely stressed out. This made all four of us furious with Pati. Of all the selfish, idiotic things to pull right before your daughter’s wedding so that she’s even more stressed out. So they had to bring him with them. This resulted in him being up until 2:00 in the morning instead of getting a good night’s sleep like he should have.

We decided that Jenn was going to need lots of love, chocolate and alcohol by the time she got to our motel so we went in search of an liquor store. (More funky directions from some preps.) We got to the store and Nicole and I both had to use the restroom. They didn’t have one for public use so we ran down the street to the Waffle House. Inside we were met with a sight that about made us pee in our pants. There were two toilets but the only thing seperating them was a wall that didn’t even reach the end of the toilets. We both bust out laughing and just said, “Ok, you don’t look and neither will I.” Of course, this didn’t stop Nicole from looking over once we were seated and saying, “You have tan lines!” lol. We walked back to the car (got honked at by guys about 3 or 4 times in the very short distance *eye roll*) and showed Shane and Ro the picture I had taken with my phone. (Of the toilets, not us on them. Sickos. 😉 ) We dropped Shane back at his hotel and then went to Marsh for chocolate (the state of the bottles in the pop machine gave us pause over the condition of the snack machine as well) and a funny card. We finally picked one about ways to relieve stress. Seemed appropo.

On the way to the Marsh, I called my mom to tell her that I loved her. When she bewilderly asked why, I said “Because I know that if I had a kid and was getting married and you had agreed to watch him, you would never decide at the last minute to ditch him and stress me out even more.” I then explained what was going on. Ro, Nicole and I were still having random outbursts of anger and just generally wanting to call and cuss Pati out. (Nothing makes me cuss like insane selfish people. 😉 ) So to relieve stress, when we got back to the hotel, we played the song ‘Whip It’ and danced around the car in the parking lot. I have no idea if people saw us but we were laughing at ourselves. Especially when I placed special emphasis on the “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” lines and started jumping on a crack. We had parked around back instead of the front and walked to the side where a door was. At first we didn’t see the door because there was a huge wall in front of us that we thought we’d have to climb. I told Nicole to “spiderman her way up”. Luckily we saw the door before anyone got seriously injured. We went inside and signed the card. Nicole and I made a heart out of the candy we had bought and made Jenn’s name next to it. Then we started in with the showers so we wouldn’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Everyone finally arrived awhile later. Andy and the guys were wonderful and took Eli with them for the night. We ended up going over to put our legs in the hot tub and relax in the non-filmy pool. Chris and Kaleb both went swimming and Chris got it in his head to pick me up and throw me in the pool. Lucky for him he didn’t actually go through with it but I still ended up pretty wet since he had already dived in. Since I was already in my pjs, I ended up sleeping in a t-shirt and underwear. This lead to Tami giving me the nickname Undies. *shrug* I’ve been called worse. 🙂 The girls had a giggle fest and we didn’t get to sleep until around 2:30.

Look for Part 3, or Why Hippies Shouldn’t Plan Weddings

Be glad I’m breaking this up into parts. It’s L-O-N-G!

Thursday night I went over to Ro’s house where she sewed weave into my hair. I didn’t want it as short as it is for the wedding because that severely limited what I could do with it. Since the girl that Ro did before me took a little longer than planned we got a late start. I ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep for the 4th night in a row. This didn’t help my stress level the next day.

Friday morning came way too soon. We were supposed to meet at Nicole’s so Melissa could do our nails. I dragged my butt out of bed, despite the severe protesting from my back and got over there around 9:30. Melissa was quite the perfectionist. I tried to do french tips on my toes and she made me take it off so she could re-do it. 🙂 They looked good though, as did my hands.

We had planned on leaving at 3 to avoid rush hour but a friend of Nicole’s said that rush hour starts at 3 on 37 heading to Bloomington. So we then were trying to get ahold of Ro to see if we could squeeze what we had to do in by 2 or if we’d have to wait until 7. Fortunately, Nicole remember an alternate route that avoided 37 so we could still leave at 3.

I left Nicole’s and stopped at the tanning bed, then went home to pack and finish cleaning the house. My aunt’s birthday was that night and I had to help clean even though I wouldn’t be there. Nicole arrived early and helped me clean so I could finish packing. We managed to leave at the time we said we would to get to Ro’s but on the way, I remembered I needed to go to the bank. This is where it becomes apparent that my stress level was higher than I thought. My bank is inside St. Vincent so I have to park in front of the hospital. There are maybe 20 parking spaces in this lot, about 5 of which are handicapped. Needless to say, there is almost never parking so *everyone* parks on the curb, despite the “No parking, fire lane” signs. Apparently the hospital has decided to put an end to this because when we pulled up, there was a security guard sitting in his car right outside. I told Nicole that I might need her to drive in circles while I was in the bank. I got out of the car and got maybe 10 steps before I had the guard coming towards me saying, “Ma’am, you can’t park there.” I sighed, bit my tongue to keep from yelling back at him, went back to the car, told Nicole to *waste my gas* and drive in circles until I got back. As I start walking back up, I see the guard step in front of some ladies car and start hollaring at her about something. She was yelling right back (angry black woman!) and the last thing I heard was the guard saying, “Do you want to be arrested?” Great. A parking lot cop on a power trip. I finished in the bank, amid the grumblings of the other bankers about the Nazi guard and went back outside right as Nicole was pulling past. So I had to wait for her to drive all the way back around. This put me in an even worse mood and I made a point of shooting daggers at the guard while I stood on the curb tapping my foot. (I know, real mature. I didn’t care. I was pissed.) She finally gets back around and I get in the car and immediately start ranting. “If they don’t want us parking there, they need to put more parking spaces in front of the f-ing bank! Where am I supposed to park? There is no way I’m paying to park in the damn parking garage every time I have to come here! I am not paying for 5 freaking minutes of parking!” Then I called my mom, informed her of the security guard, ranting about having to pay to park and then she says, “You don’t have to pay. Have the teller stamp your parking ticket and it’s free.” Needless to say, this completely took the wind out of my sails. I started cracking up at myself.

We stopped at Nicole’s bank (no security guard there!) and went thru the CFA drive-thru to get food since I hadn’t eaten yet. Then we headed for Ro’s. On the way there, the next thing to set me off happened. We were at a light behind an ice cream truck that on one side said “Real men know and love Jesus” and on the other side said “Real women marry real men.” This, of course, started me ranting and raving again. “So a woman isn’t a real woman unless she marries a real man? What if she doesn’t want to get married? What if she’s single all her life? Does that mean she’s not a real woman?” Nicole was dying laughing at me. She goes, “This is just push Lauren’s buttons day!” (Little did we know what awaited us that evening.)

Coming soon: Part 2, or Don’t Trust Your Insane Mother!

I’ve been accepted to IUPUI!!!!!!!!!!


That is all. 😀

What an INSANE weekend!!!!!!! I’ll blog about all of the wedding crazies later because I don’t have the time or the energy right now. I feel like I’ve seen both extremes for weddings now. There was Jodi and Kevin’s where everyone was calm and helpful and we didn’t have crazy people bailing on us in major ways at the last second. The only hitch we had with that one was the curtain started to catch on fire but Poppa Dan put a quick end to that. And then yesterday we had Jenn and Andy’s wedding where just about everything that could go wrong did. (Ro and Nicole: I still have moments of just wanting to pick up the phone and cuss someone out. 😉 ) But they’re married now and that’s what’s important.

A conversation I had with my mother when I was ranting about wedding stuff:

Me: *rant, rant, rave, rant*

Mom: *give me a look* When you get married, you’re eloping, aren’t you?

Me: No, I’m just not getting married. I’m skipping the entire process. But if I did ever lose my mind, then yes. I’d elope.

No grandbabies from me! 😛

And I’m beginning to think that someone on the INtake staff has a crush on me because I’m in the magazine for the 5th WEEK IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck?! I doubt I’ll make it this week though. Matt basically sent us a prompt that we’ve already done. (On our sucky public school system.) I’ll all about recycling, even blogs. 😉

Peace ya’ll!

One set of footprints
All that I see
Why did You leave?
You’re what I

Needed You see
But You left me be
When I needed You most
I look at the coast

And on the shore
Your prints are no more
There’s only one
Hope You had fun

When You left me cold
In my night of the soul
I didn’t feel whole
Because You weren’t there

Didn’t You care?
You counted the hairs
on my head
But in that night

You left me for dead
The things You said
Didn’t ring true
So where were You?

I see
Only one
Just me

Inspired by: Brian Keene’s talk and the Footprints poem

I’m the youngest blogger on INtake by at least 4 years and I just made the magazine for the 4th week in a row. This is really encouraging for me since I’ve been doubting my writing abilities lately. I’ve also gotten into a few situations where my ability to have a well thought out opinion has been called into question because I’m so young. (Not the least of which being that whole debacle on MySpace.) Of course, these blog prompts have been kinda tricky because it’s usually stuff that I don’t particularly care about so I haven’t given it a lot of thought. So I get 3 or 4 days to come up with not only an opinion but a well thought out blog to go with it. I usually end up running my mouth but apparently that’s working. 😉

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” – 1 Tim. 4:12

As I said in my other blog, I went to the Dave Matthew’s Band concert on Saturday!!!!! Squee!!!!! 😀 If you haven’t been to a Dave concert, go! It makes you appreciate the music even more.

After I got home from the park, I flew around the house to get ready and then drove over to the Mayes’ so that Josh and I could leave to pick up Danny. Danny and Jer were at Joel’s open house so we hung out there for about half an hour. That was pretty fun, though I was already tired so I just sat on their stairs with Jer for most of it. At one point, Barb Kauffman came over and we were chatting and somehow it got around to the fact that I had come with Josh and that we were going to see Dave together. So Barb leans over and is all like, “Are you guys dating?” She pretty much got the “are you…” out of her mouth before I was shaking my head. No, no, no! I said, “No we’re not. We don’t need those rumors flying again.” Geez! Now I remember why I was being avoidy to him for awhile there. When we were youth sponsors, all we had to do was breathe in each others general direction for everyone to be saying “Josh and Lauren are dating!”

Anyway, enough of the mini-rant. 🙂 We leave there and head over to the Target on 116th where we were meeting up with Kristen (I have no idea what her last name is) and Jen Mayes. We decided to get something to eat and I spotted a Subway so we swung around to ask Kristen if she wanted anything and then went over. While we were there, Jen showed up and got food too. Then we all drove back over to where Kristen was parked in the Target parking lot. After much debate, we decided on taking two cars. Jen hopped in with Kristen and off we went.

Traffic wasn’t too bad getting in, which was kinda surprising. Josh had stopped and bought some fun stuff to take in with us if they would let us. We got the bubbles and the styrofoam plane in but they wouldn’t let us have the beach ball and the long tube thingys that if you spin them in the air, they make a whistling sound. (Don’t ask what the name is.) We found a spot and spread out our blanket. Josh and Danny took off to walk around, then Kristen left to find one of the cool drink things we saw. Jen and I stayed and watched the stuff and chatted a bit. They all came back and the opening band got up. G-love and Special Sauce? Anybody heard of them? We hadn’t. They weren’t……terrible. Kristen and I went to see if one of the stands was selling beach balls because we saw some people tossing them around but no luck.

Josh had gone walking and ran into Kayla Kaufman and Jill Tuttle who were at the very front of the lawn and said they’d save us some room if we wanted to be closer. So after G-love and his merry band of sauce got off the stage, we decided we’d better move while we could. We were all joking around as we were packing up “Well, G-love was great. Time to go home!” It was a good thing we moved when we did. There was barely room for all of us as it was. The Mayes’ cousin Adam ended up finding us and standing with us too. Probably my favorite part of the night was watching Adam dance around during Two Step. 😀

Shortly after Dave came on, Danny tossed the plane toward stage. While we’d been waiting for G-love, he’d written on it “Throw to stage”. It didn’t make it but it got about half-way. We also had fun with the bubbles and Josh had made a sign on a sheet that said “#41” because he wanted them to play that song. We had the people standing in front of us hold it for us and Josh had told them not to hold it too high because it would block the people behind us. But they were rather drunk so they didn’t listen and we had the people behind us yelling at us. A bunch of drunk and high people yelling “Put that f***ing s*** down!” was pretty funny. I think they played it but it wasn’t until later so I don’t know if the band saw the sign or not.

Kristen and I made a couple of trips to the bathroom. On the way back from one, we were walking along and suddenly I feel someone grab my butt as they walk by. Oh, I was so mad. Whoever it was is lucky I didn’t turn around and knock them upside the head. The only thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I didn’t want to accidently hit an innocent bystander. Of all the women there, I was definitely not the one to do that to. *scowl*

We had a blast singing and dancing and jumping. At one point, Kayla turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek and said “love ya!” Josh was next to us and bust out laughing. I’m sure the look on my face said “What was that about?!”

After the band was off the stage for good, we all sat around and chatted while we waited for the crowd to thin out. We knew there was no reason to be in a hurry. We could either sit there or sit in traffic. Even after we walked down to the cars, we sat outside for quite a bit. There was no point in sitting in line and wasting precious gas. We had an interesting discussion about whether or not we let someone borrow our tooth brush. Jen said she would, Kristen and I were completely against it and Josh pointed out that it wasn’t any different then kissing someone. To which I replied “This is why I don’t kiss anyone.” So we decided that sharing a tooth brush was a step toward kissing. lol. (Annie, you know this means we will never be sharing a tooth brush. Our rule stands. 😉 )

While we were sitting there, we had a couple of guys drive by and one of them yelled out the window something about “you bunch of lesbos!” Apparently the look on my face was priceless because Kristen and Jen cracked up. After the butt-grabbage, I was in no mood for more idiot boys. *sigh*

We finally got into the cars because it was cold and then yet another debate began. Kristen had had too much to drink and was afraid of driving around the concert area because of all the cops. She said that if we got her to the Target parking lot, she’d be fine because she knew how to get home from there. Unfortunately, that also still put her where there are a lot of cops. Plus we weren’t about to drive her to Target, just to put her in her car and say “drive safe!” So we kept going round and round about what to do. Finally I said “Josh, you drive Kristen’s car and I’ll follow you to Target. We’ll figure the rest out from there.” My thought was at least we could get Jen to her car so that she wouldn’t have to be out any later. I was fine doing whatever. So we took Jen to her car, then I followed Josh to Kristen’s house which is out in the boonies!

We got her home, then Josh came back to his car and said to me, “You can drive us home if you want.” I was like, “No, that’s ok.” I knew I was going to have to drive to Speedway once he got me back to my car and my feet were already hurting. So he drove us back to his parents house where I got my car and said good night. Then I had to stop at my house to get my change of clothes for church and the house keys. I’d had my mom drive over and feed the pets at 7 since I couldn’t make it back. I ended up looking all over the house and finally having to wake up my mom at 2 in the morning to ask what she had done with the keys.

So that was my first Dave concert. I’ve been listening to the Central Park concert cds pretty much non-stop. Now Josh, Danny and I want to do a road trip to see them in Cincinnati in August. 😀

This I admit
Seems so good
Hard to believe an end to it
Warehouse is bare
Nothing at all inside of it
The walls and halls have disappeared
They’ve disappeared, yeah…

My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here

In a corner was wondering
If a change could be better than this
And then I worry…
Maybe things won’t be better than they have been
Here in the warehouse

At the Warehouse
At the Warehouse
How I love to stay here
At the Warehouse
Every man and woman get alive

Wrath is awesome. 🙂

Words of Wrath

It’s been a year since I started working as a nanny. That is unbelievable. I feel like I just got out of Chick-fil-A.

Today went much better. No screaming fits. She always seems to do better when I’m the one to get her up instead of Valorie getting her and then having to leave a few minutes later. She’ll say “Mama?” and I’ll say “Mama’s at work. She’ll be home in a little bit.” and then she’ll say “Bit.” For some reason, that always cracks me up and I try to get her to repeat it. After awhile she just looks at me like “You’re dumb.” But she’s always okay with it when I get her up. *shrug*

Now she’s in the phase of not wanting to wear clothes. I remember Mikayla going through that phase when she was around the same age. So Reegan just wanders around in her diaper. It’s pretty funny to watch. Sometimes I’ll give her her clothes and she’ll sit there for 15-20 minutes, just trying to figure out how to get them on.

Lynda has started wanting to watch her at Lynda’s house so I took her over there this afternoon. We were sitting at a light right outside their neighborhood and this truck pulled up next to us. Next thing I hear are kissing sounds and that drunk hill-billy laugh that you always hear in movies where the hero is about to get in a barfight with the guy who won’t leave his girl alone. They said something that I didn’t quite catch and I continued to ignore them. Then they *still* weren’t moving when the arrow turned green so to make it completely apparent that I was ignoring them, I turned back toward Reegan and started talking to her and stroking her leg. They finally pulled away. I was so annoyed. The rest of the drive, I prayed over Reegan that she wouldn’t have to face many of the pains that me and my friends have gone through at the hands of men like that.

Reegan is probably going to be coming to VBS with me so some of you will get to meet her. It looks like my character can just have a daughter for 3 days. 🙂

I told Valorie about applying for school and she said to let her know what I needed to do. She said that her schedule was flexible. This job is such a blessing. Here’s to my first year as a nanny. 🙂

Since I’m Buffy, here I am singing. 😉

Reegan threw a nice little temper tantrum this morning. Fortunately, I stayed surprisingly calm despite my moodiness. She was in her high chair holding the container of Puffs (little fruit things) and she started to get mad about something and started flinging her arm around. So before the entire container ended up on the floor, I took it away and put the lid on before giving it back to her. Well, she didn’t like that so I took it away completely. She started screaming. I took her out of her high chair, laid her on the floor in the living room to put a diaper on her and then just let her lay there and scream all she wanted. I sat calmly on the couch and read my book until she finally quieted down a few minutes later. I looked at her and said “Are you done throwing a fit?” She just stared at me. “Are you ready to eat breakfast now?” A whimpery little “yes”. Ok then. At least it wasn’t in a store or something. That’s the first time she’s really just pitched a fit because she was mad at me. And so it begins. 🙂

Still haven’t heard back about my application. I always worry that I’m not filling out the information correctly but at the end of the app., there was a thing that said “I have answered the questions honestly to the best of my knowledge” and I had, so that made me feel better.

Good incentive for turning off my computer: it just adds to the heat. 😛 It kinda worries me that it’s May and it’s already this hot.

I finally finished one of the books that I started. ‘Captivating’. Pretty good. Drug up some issues. I think it helped put me in the mood I’m in now but oh well. I was due for a little self-reflecting time anyway.

Tomorrow is Ro’s b-day. Happy birthday, my beautiful one. You know I love you, even if you are marrying that M.A.N. 😉 *smooches*

Went to the Indy 500 on Sunday. Quite an experience in the loud and hot sort of way. 😀 I was really hoping Danica would win but she came in 9th. 😦 But Marco Andretti, who’s only 19, came in a *very* close second so that made me happy. I like the Andrettis. And no, no one asked me to take my top off or sprayed me with water or beer. (Lucky for them…..) I was sitting right below where a beer can landed and got hit while walking by a french fry or something. But no major problems. Hanging out with Nolesie-kins was fun.

Now I’m house sitting for some people from CPC this weekend. And going to the zoo. And going to Dave Matthews. Yeah, I’ll just sleep when I’m dead. Haha.

I still feel a bit disconnected from everything and I’m still not sure why and it’s beginning to bother me. I wonder if I need to get away from everything for a minute? Anybody know of a monastery around here that I could escape to? That would be sweet.

Hmm……I guess that’s about it. Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

Blessings and courage!

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