As I said in my other blog, I went to the Dave Matthew’s Band concert on Saturday!!!!! Squee!!!!! 😀 If you haven’t been to a Dave concert, go! It makes you appreciate the music even more.

After I got home from the park, I flew around the house to get ready and then drove over to the Mayes’ so that Josh and I could leave to pick up Danny. Danny and Jer were at Joel’s open house so we hung out there for about half an hour. That was pretty fun, though I was already tired so I just sat on their stairs with Jer for most of it. At one point, Barb Kauffman came over and we were chatting and somehow it got around to the fact that I had come with Josh and that we were going to see Dave together. So Barb leans over and is all like, “Are you guys dating?” She pretty much got the “are you…” out of her mouth before I was shaking my head. No, no, no! I said, “No we’re not. We don’t need those rumors flying again.” Geez! Now I remember why I was being avoidy to him for awhile there. When we were youth sponsors, all we had to do was breathe in each others general direction for everyone to be saying “Josh and Lauren are dating!”

Anyway, enough of the mini-rant. 🙂 We leave there and head over to the Target on 116th where we were meeting up with Kristen (I have no idea what her last name is) and Jen Mayes. We decided to get something to eat and I spotted a Subway so we swung around to ask Kristen if she wanted anything and then went over. While we were there, Jen showed up and got food too. Then we all drove back over to where Kristen was parked in the Target parking lot. After much debate, we decided on taking two cars. Jen hopped in with Kristen and off we went.

Traffic wasn’t too bad getting in, which was kinda surprising. Josh had stopped and bought some fun stuff to take in with us if they would let us. We got the bubbles and the styrofoam plane in but they wouldn’t let us have the beach ball and the long tube thingys that if you spin them in the air, they make a whistling sound. (Don’t ask what the name is.) We found a spot and spread out our blanket. Josh and Danny took off to walk around, then Kristen left to find one of the cool drink things we saw. Jen and I stayed and watched the stuff and chatted a bit. They all came back and the opening band got up. G-love and Special Sauce? Anybody heard of them? We hadn’t. They weren’t……terrible. Kristen and I went to see if one of the stands was selling beach balls because we saw some people tossing them around but no luck.

Josh had gone walking and ran into Kayla Kaufman and Jill Tuttle who were at the very front of the lawn and said they’d save us some room if we wanted to be closer. So after G-love and his merry band of sauce got off the stage, we decided we’d better move while we could. We were all joking around as we were packing up “Well, G-love was great. Time to go home!” It was a good thing we moved when we did. There was barely room for all of us as it was. The Mayes’ cousin Adam ended up finding us and standing with us too. Probably my favorite part of the night was watching Adam dance around during Two Step. 😀

Shortly after Dave came on, Danny tossed the plane toward stage. While we’d been waiting for G-love, he’d written on it “Throw to stage”. It didn’t make it but it got about half-way. We also had fun with the bubbles and Josh had made a sign on a sheet that said “#41” because he wanted them to play that song. We had the people standing in front of us hold it for us and Josh had told them not to hold it too high because it would block the people behind us. But they were rather drunk so they didn’t listen and we had the people behind us yelling at us. A bunch of drunk and high people yelling “Put that f***ing s*** down!” was pretty funny. I think they played it but it wasn’t until later so I don’t know if the band saw the sign or not.

Kristen and I made a couple of trips to the bathroom. On the way back from one, we were walking along and suddenly I feel someone grab my butt as they walk by. Oh, I was so mad. Whoever it was is lucky I didn’t turn around and knock them upside the head. The only thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I didn’t want to accidently hit an innocent bystander. Of all the women there, I was definitely not the one to do that to. *scowl*

We had a blast singing and dancing and jumping. At one point, Kayla turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek and said “love ya!” Josh was next to us and bust out laughing. I’m sure the look on my face said “What was that about?!”

After the band was off the stage for good, we all sat around and chatted while we waited for the crowd to thin out. We knew there was no reason to be in a hurry. We could either sit there or sit in traffic. Even after we walked down to the cars, we sat outside for quite a bit. There was no point in sitting in line and wasting precious gas. We had an interesting discussion about whether or not we let someone borrow our tooth brush. Jen said she would, Kristen and I were completely against it and Josh pointed out that it wasn’t any different then kissing someone. To which I replied “This is why I don’t kiss anyone.” So we decided that sharing a tooth brush was a step toward kissing. lol. (Annie, you know this means we will never be sharing a tooth brush. Our rule stands. 😉 )

While we were sitting there, we had a couple of guys drive by and one of them yelled out the window something about “you bunch of lesbos!” Apparently the look on my face was priceless because Kristen and Jen cracked up. After the butt-grabbage, I was in no mood for more idiot boys. *sigh*

We finally got into the cars because it was cold and then yet another debate began. Kristen had had too much to drink and was afraid of driving around the concert area because of all the cops. She said that if we got her to the Target parking lot, she’d be fine because she knew how to get home from there. Unfortunately, that also still put her where there are a lot of cops. Plus we weren’t about to drive her to Target, just to put her in her car and say “drive safe!” So we kept going round and round about what to do. Finally I said “Josh, you drive Kristen’s car and I’ll follow you to Target. We’ll figure the rest out from there.” My thought was at least we could get Jen to her car so that she wouldn’t have to be out any later. I was fine doing whatever. So we took Jen to her car, then I followed Josh to Kristen’s house which is out in the boonies!

We got her home, then Josh came back to his car and said to me, “You can drive us home if you want.” I was like, “No, that’s ok.” I knew I was going to have to drive to Speedway once he got me back to my car and my feet were already hurting. So he drove us back to his parents house where I got my car and said good night. Then I had to stop at my house to get my change of clothes for church and the house keys. I’d had my mom drive over and feed the pets at 7 since I couldn’t make it back. I ended up looking all over the house and finally having to wake up my mom at 2 in the morning to ask what she had done with the keys.

So that was my first Dave concert. I’ve been listening to the Central Park concert cds pretty much non-stop. Now Josh, Danny and I want to do a road trip to see them in Cincinnati in August. 😀

This I admit
Seems so good
Hard to believe an end to it
Warehouse is bare
Nothing at all inside of it
The walls and halls have disappeared
They’ve disappeared, yeah…

My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here

In a corner was wondering
If a change could be better than this
And then I worry…
Maybe things won’t be better than they have been
Here in the warehouse

At the Warehouse
At the Warehouse
How I love to stay here
At the Warehouse
Every man and woman get alive