Ok, I’m finally sitting down and blogging the third and final chapter in the wedding story.

Saturday morning came waaaaay too early. We had stayed up until almost 2:30 giggling and were supposed to meet the boys for breakfast at their motel at 6:00. We managed to get over there by 6:30, which they gave us a hard time for. Ro and I nibbled at a waffle and an apple, not being particularly hungry but not knowing when the next time we’d get to eat was. In the end I gave up and just threw half of my waffle at Adam. That made Ro and me laugh and I think we both felt slightly better about being up at such an un-Godly hour.

We walked back to our motel, this time with Eli, and started getting ready. Nicole was elected to go first getting her hair done so that Tami and I could shave our legs. We sat on the side of the tub and goofed off while we shaved, then I jumped in the shower to rinse off. My back was hurting and the hot water felt so good, I didn’t want to get out. But I knew I needed to get ready so I dragged my bum out and put on my still slightly damp pjs.

Mel and Becky arrived while Jenn and I were doing our make-up. Mel was going to be taking pictures and Jenn wanted pre-wedding shots. Ro finished up with Nicole so it was my turn. Curling my hair seemed to take forever since I wasn’t used to having that much of it to curl. I couldn’t see myself but everyone kept saying how good it looked and that I should leave it the way it was. When I finally got to a mirror, I gave them all my best “Are you insane?!” look. I’ll refer to it as the Lion Mane. 😉 I asked Ro if we could pin some of it back and apologized for being high maintenance. She just gave me a sarcastic “Yeah, you’re the high maintenance one here”. lol. We pinned back the top and the sides a bit to give it the cascadey look. It was still a lot poofier than I was used to but again, that was due to the amount of hair. Ro then doused me in black woman hair spray and true to her word, it did not move the rest of the day.

Ro started on Jenn’s hair and the rest of us starting helping each other into our corsets and dresses. My corset was a little tight but still breathable. Then I slipped my dress on and got it zipped. For a second I thought it wasn’t going to fully zip because it was so tight. I kept reminding myself that I had wanted it tight so it wouldn’t fall when we danced. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

By this time, housekeeping had started letting us know they wanted us out so they could clean so those of us who were ready started getting things together. Nicole didn’t know what to do make-up wise, so Tami, Ro and I all ending up having to help her with eyeliner in between packing. At one point I knelt to put some stuff in Ro’s bag and knew I couldn’t kneel anymore if I wanted to walk away with no rib damage. Becky helped me carry stuff down to the car and we were all running back and forth, trying to get everything out of there. Then I was standing behind Ro while she did Jenn’s hair taking rollers out of her hair and helping her get dressed.

Jenn had wanted her hair in some sort of french twist but then realized that she wasn’t comfortable with it. She’d only done it because everyone was telling her to do an up-do but she *never* wears her hair up. After she explained this, we all told her to take it down and do what she was comfortable with. At some point during all this, Pati called wanting one of us to do her hair for her. Jenn gave her a firm no and we hung up. The made the already irate bridesmaids even more angry. To have the nerve to call and ask us to do her hair after what she had done the previous night. This was about the time Ro and I were vowing not to speak to her at all that day. (I know, real Christ-like.)

We got Jenn into her dress, made one final sweep of the room and walked outside, everything packed and all of us dressed and ready. Ro asked me to drive and off we went to Dunn Meadow. We parked and were unloading when one of Jenn’s co-workers came over and asked us to pose for a picture. We were all kinda like, “Ok, like we don’t have 8 million other things to be doing right now?” but we humored them and smiled, then started hauling stuff across the street.

Everyone was running around trying to get stuff done. We had to set up the table where the unity candle and the marriage license were. We had to figure out how to make the table clothes stay put in the wind. We unloaded box after box of cookies onto the centerpieces and set up the little mini-cake for Jenn and Andy to cut after the ceremony. At some point during this madness, Pati informed Nicole that she hadn’t yet picked up the wedding cake and wasn’t going to because “so-and-so was supposed to”. So Nicole told Ro and they decided that since no one else was going, they’d better go get the cake. They assumed, like any normal person, that the cake would be at the Kroger closest to Dunn Meadow. So they took off, forgetting their cell phones in the process. The rest of us continued running around to get things ready. Pictures were supposed to be taken before the ceremony but because we were running so late, we knew they’d have to be afterward.

The wedding was supposed to start at 1:00. 20 minutes later, Nicole and Ro arrived with no cake. Crystal who had run to help them went and grabbed Sally and they ran to the car so they could go get the cake. Amid cheers and clapping, Ro and Nicole ran over to where the wedding party was waiting, threw off their shoes and sunglasses and jumped in line while I handed them their flowers and showed them how we were holding them. Apparently Bloomington has 4 Krogers and the cake was at the furthest one away. (Later we found out that they had agreed to get it to the Kroger closest to us but had failed to do so.) The music started and up the path we went. I tried to keep a serene smile on my face even though my blood was boiling. I was absolutely furious with all these people who were messing up Jenn and Andy’s day. Ro later said that she had been feeling the same thing. We managed to put it aside for the actual ceremony though. We managed to make it through without too many tears and Andy’s paternal vows to Eli went surprisingly smooth. We did our dance, which gained us a laugh from the audience and mocking from Shane. It was originally longer!!!!!!!!! Like everything else that day, it didn’t go as we had planned.

We sat at our table, did the toasts, Andy and Jenn cut the cake and the bridal party started downing the gallons of water someone provided. We tried to get the power point to work on the tv and ended up having to pass around a laptop to each of the tables. After we got to relax for a little bit while they did the dances, it was time for the pictures that we hadn’t had time to take before hand. We got a group shot of the girls and then each girl with Jenn, then Mel took pictures of Jenn and Andy and the wedding rings. The bridesmaids had sat back down and I was eating half of half a sandwhich. (It was all my dress would allow me to eat.) Then Crystal and I decided we needed to go to the bathroom and went with Nicole and Ro to the Coldstone from the night before. When we got back, we got hollared at that we were needed for more pictures so we made our way over to a little bridge on the campus. It was really cute with the trees and the creek.

We *finally* got done with pictures and went back over to the “dance floor”. Most of the guests had left by this time, which we felt kinda bad about since we’d barely had time to get mingley. But we had a blast dancing, despite the heat and the tight clothes. It was finally time to break everything down and get home so we started loading up the cars. Ro’s car was packed to the brim so when Nicole said she was going with Jenn, we weren’t exactly upset. Me especially since I was gonna be the one squashed in the back with everything.

We got in the car and unzipped the tops of our dresses so we could breath. We’d made it around the corner when Nicole called asking if we had Jenn’s phone. Realizing we did, we made a circle and I jumped out and ran it over to her. We finally got on the road, started up our venting rant, and I unzipped both our dresses more. Then we decided we wanted the corsets off so I took mine off (breathed my first deep breath since that morning) and then leaned over to get hers, praying no one would drive by as I would very much so be flashing them. No one passed us and we both breathed a huge sigh of relief. We stopped at Jenn’s house to drop off the gifts. We had decided on our way back that we were starving so we headed for Arby’s where a very nice gentleman helped us in the drive thru and was asking us questions about the wedding. We then went to Ro’s house where my car was so we could eat and relax a little before the after party in Jenn and Andy’s hotel room. We changed into comfy clothes and sat on the couch to eat while we caught the end of ‘Grease’. Neither of us wanted to move but we knew we at least had to make an appearance at the party. Plus I had to get Nicole, Chris and Eli since we were supposed to be staying the night with him.

Ro and I went up in the hotel to find maybe 15 people crammed into a fairly small room.  They had ordered pizza and Tami and I went downstairs to get it. We struck poses in the elevator, hoping the doors would open but no one was there when they did.

The after party was fun but we were all so tired. I was so exhausted and ready to be away from people so I told Nicole that I’d drive them back to her car (which was still at my house) and then they could drive to Jenn’s. I just couldn’t do it. Nicole, Chris and I called it a night at 10:30, also thinking to give the newly married couple some privacy! (Call me crazy!) We went downstairs to find Pati who still had Eli’s car seat and went out to switch it to my car. I had yet to really say two words to the woman. Nicole, nice person that she is, gave her a hug before we parted ways. I drove us to my house, then dragged myself inside where I eventually collapsed.

So there it is. The insane wedding day. I’m not holding my breath that Ro’s is gonna be any better (and neither is she) but at least now we have some idea of how to cope and what to expect. But the important thing is that Jenn and Andy are married and they can finally begin their life together with Eli. Congratulations you guys! Despite it’s rocky start, I know your marriage is going to be full of blessings and tons of fun. 🙂 Love you both!