This past week was VBS at CPC. (Yeah yeah, I know. Can I buy a vowel?) I love VBS week. It’s my week to totally act like a kid and not get into trouble for it. I can dance around like crazy, act like a fool in drama, sing goofy kid songs with motions and play water games for rec. It’s a total blast. Plus I get to hang out with Kels. It’s about the only week we really get to see each other anymore. 🙂

This year’s theme was SonTreasure Island so everything was Caribbean themed. (I was so sick of seeing lei’s that by Friday when Sheryl put one on me I almost had a conniption. 😉 ) Kels and I did drama, as usual, with Kate and Jared (I’m not even going to try to spell their last name) and Shelly. It was hysterical. Jared was the pirate captain and he looked exactly like Jack Sparrow. It was *awesome*. Kate was our “bad guy” again. She does a great job with it. Shelly was our Storyteller, meaning she’s the only one who had a valid reason for using her script. The rest of us were cheating. Kels played Kiwi, the goofy first mate of the Captain, and I was Coco Banana, the “ambitious snack shop owner”. (How you can be ambitious when you own a snack shop on an island and you only see the same 3 people every day, I have no idea.) The first day went pretty well as far as lines being memorized and said in order and by the people who were supposed to say them. It was all down hill from there. By Thursday and Friday, we were completely ad libbing. On Thursday we got completely thrown off because when Jared and Kels walked onto the stage, they knocked one of our precariously perched “palm trees” over. The kids all died laughing (and so did we even tho we were trying to hide it. Jared’s yelling “Shiver me timbers!” didn’t help.) It completely threw us though and we never really got back on track. We got the main gist of things and made the point of that day’s skit but we ended up with Jared and Kate’s characters having an Uncle Bernadine. (Don’t ask.) Also, I was supposed to have an accent. Tuesday I completely forgot about it b/c we were running so late and were stressed. We got out of the bathroom from changing and I was like “Oh crap, I forgot to do an accent!” Then on Friday I was about halfway thru my first line when I realized I wasn’t talking with an accent again and finished my line with the accent. I definitely got some laughs for that one. 😀 Apparently we’re funnier when we don’t follow the corny scripts that the VBS people send us so Kels and I were talking about giving ourselves some general guidelines and just improv-ing our skits next year.

Music was interesting this year. A little bit of drama there, which I hadn’t really dealt with in VBS until now. People had been stressed in past years but this was a whole new kinda crazy. Oh well. We got through it and I think the kids had fun, which is what counts.

Every year it’s been tradition for two of us to go around on Thursday as Cubby Bear and Sparky the Lightening Bug (from the Awana stuff) and promote that. This year Kels was Sparky and I was Cubby. In the past, someone else was Cubby and I led the two around since it’s very difficult to see in those costumes. They involve large heads with mesh over the opening in the mouth to see out of. Kels had a little more visibility in Sparky then I did in Cubby so I mostly followed her around and told her not to let me run into anything or anyone. Because of the angle that Cubby’s head was sitting on me, I spent most of the morning staring at Sparky’s butt. (Hence my blog title.) It was *hot* in those costumes, let me tell you. I don’t know how the people at Disney World do it. We couldn’t take our heads off in front of the kids (talk about traumatizing) so that made things interesting. We’d pull our heads up to get a drink or to cool off but the second we thought a kid was coming, back down they came. We had to stay in our costumes for the closing ceremony when we had the staff memebers up on stage dancing with us. I was sooooo scared I was gonna fall off that stage.

We played water games with Jack almost every day for upper elementary recreation. One day we ended up having a food fight. And by we I mean the mature adults of the group. 😀 The kids all walked outside to see us smearing cake all over each other. We also made it a point to dump buckets of water all over each other every day and turned the hose on one another. We even made a group effort to get Joy wet on Friday b/c she had managed to stay dry the entire morning. Jack had even chased her around the parking lot with a bucket of water. We ended up having to grab her and hold her while Jack dumped the water on all of us. (But Shelly, Kels and I were already wet so we didn’t care.)

We had over 1000 kids during the week. That is a *lot* of small children running around. My little sis even came and loved watching me up there singing and dancing. She and Emma found out the truth about Cubby and Sparky but they’re sworn to secrecy. 🙂

“It’s a big, big house with lots and lots of room. With a big, big table with lots and lots of food. And a big, big yard where we can play football (touchdown!). It’s a big, big house. It’s my Father’s house.” 😀

Be-dee-be-dee-be-dee….that’s all folks!