But I think I might be.

Last night we went clubbing for Ro’s bachelorette party. (After thoroughly embarressing her with gifts, of course. πŸ˜‰ ) The group consisted of Ro, Sheryl, Marcia, Dee, Shawna, Jenn and me. Crystal had been at Marcia’s house with us up until we left for the club.

First of all, it was *hot*. I didn’t want anyone touching me. I didn’t even want myself touching me. And that was just standing outside. We got inside and Sheryl and I herded everyone downstairs to where the dance floor was. We decided to get drinks first and then dance so we went to the bar. That turned into more of a hassle than it was really worth. I don’t know how long we stood there waiting for someone to even look at us. During this time, I had the time to decide that I would never want to be a bar tender. Too crazy, too loud, too stressful.

We *finally* got our drinks and then I decided to fight my way to the bathroom on the other side of the room. Made it there in one piece, stood in line, used the scary bathroom, then fought my way back to the girls. We downed our shot glasses worth of drinks and headed for the already insanely crowded dance floor. Making space for 8 more people proved to be interesting but we managed to get everyone into a circle of sorts.

We were dancing and just being silly and having fun. Some random chick came over and was dancing between Dee and me for a minute. We couldn’t tell if she was just looking for a group to join or if she lost her group or was trying to duck a guy or what. She eventually moved on and that’s when *they* started coming over.

Men. πŸ˜›

Dee and Shawna got tagged pretty quickly. We had random people congratulating Ro since she had on a pretty little veil and a few guys tried dancing with her. We had one guy who just seemed to be making his way around our circle. He started with either Shawna or Dee. A little while later he got to Jenn and Dee leaned over to me and said “It’s her turn!” Jenn just gave us this “Whatever!” look. My first guy who tried dancing with me was drunk beyond belief. We were dancing face to face and he kept moving weird and not sticking with a rhythm. I finally caught what he was saying which was “Give me a kiss”. I just shook my head and he kept persisting and I’d say nope, ready to knock him across the floor if he seriously tried anything. Apparently everyone was keeping an eye on me and were trying to decide if I was ok or if I needed rescued. Eventually, we got rid of him. He was smashed!

We kept dancing and random guys would come up and dance with us. The next guy I danced with I never even saw his face. Which, oddly enough, I was much better with. Him behind me with a hand on my thigh is better than in my face trying to make out with me. At some point we saw the first guy with some other girl, making out and I said, “See? He found someone.” I got pulled into the middle of the group again to get me away from the second guy. That was our little safety net for the night. Someone needed rescued, we pulled them into the circle.

We left the dance floor to go stand by the huge fan and cool off a bit. We were all pouring sweat. Real cute. After we cooled off a bit, we went back out and fought to form our cirlce again. I think this is when contestant #3 came up from behind. Never saw his face either. We eventually made our way over to the mirrors on the back of the dance floor. We had more room and we could lean up against the mirrors because they were cool. Yet another guy came over and tried to dance with me but I got pulled over to Ro real quick. Then two gay guys came over and were talking to Ro and congratulating her. The one kissed her hand, then had her point all us girls out and kissed our hands. At this point I hadn’t realized they were gay so after they moved on, I jumped in front of her to block her from unwanted attention. After a bit, the dude that had been making his way around our circle found me and was “dancing” with me. He was worse than the first guy because he wasn’t following the rhythm at all. I knew exactly what he was doing, especially when he kept trying to hike my skirt higher and his hand kept moving inward. I decided I’d had enough of him about the time we were going to leave so I broke away and we started making our way through the crowd. The guy that Dee had been dancing with most of the time would *not* let her go until she gave him a number. Jenn had to get between them and try to get her away from him. There’s persistent and then there’s just stalkerish.

So that was my first real clubbing experience. I’ve been to clubs but I’ve never had random guys coming up and trying to kiss me and dance with me. I said to Sheryl on our way back to Marcia’s “Swing dancing that is not.” Sure, there’s creepy guys at swing dance too but they can’t be all rubbing and grinding up against you. I just found myself looking at it all and thinking that it’s really sad that a lot of those people live for this. Dancing and drinking and hooking up with random strangers. Especially when I think of what we were created for. There’s so much more to life than those things. Life could be so much better. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against clubbing. I think it’s kinda fun every once in awhile. (Even if when I’m there I do think “I’m a grown-ass woman. I don’t need to feel the bass from the music in my chest.”) But it’s no way to live your life. So maybe I’m not too old to club. Not just yet. πŸ™‚