Reegan is sick. She has the chicken pox. Last night Valorie called to tell me and ask if I was ok being exposed to them. I would’ve been if we knew for certain that I had had them when I was a baby. My parents were pretty sure but there were very few spots, they were really light and I don’t think I had a fever or anything. The doctors couldn’t be sure. With the wedding this weekend and school starting in a couple of weeks, there was no way I could risk getting them now. So I have the week off work. 😀

As sad as I am that she’s sick (though Valorie said that she’s fine and isn’t acting sick), this couldn’t have happened at a better time. I was beginning to get worried about all the stuff we need to get done for the wedding. After all the partying and dancing and having my grandparents here last week, I wasn’t ready to hit the ground running again. But my week just got considerably lighter, which means I can help Ro more without being sleep deprived and stressed. Yay!