This morning during Shane’s sermon he brought up that fact that we have made Adam greater than Jesus. His point was that we give credit to Adam for bringing down all of humanity in one sinful act. No one could do anything about it. We were all taken down with him in that garden. But then we limit Jesus by saying He only came to save certain people. Or that in order for us to be saved, we have to believe all these little bullet points in a tract.

Evangelicals love to use the phrase “I’m nothing but a dirty rotten sinner.” (That was one of the pastors at one of my former churches favorite phrase for awhile.) But I don’t believe that that gives glory to what Christ has done for us. Not only are we part of God’s glorious creation, created in His image, but Christ came to save us all. In His death, He took away everyone’s sin. Not just the people who called Him Lord. Everyone. The only difference between me and the next guy on the street is I have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit. I am living my life to learn what it means to be fully human. Not seperated from my creator but joined in a dance with Him.

We’re already saved. Christ has wiped away the sins of all of humanity. It’s just that some people don’t realize it yet. They’re too caught up in the “I am nots” to see “I am”. I am a beautiful creation of God. I am complete in Him. I am a part of an incredible story. I am made for a purpose. I am loved by the great I Am.

Adam’s sinful act was not greater than Christ’s redeeming one. He’s already saved us all. We just have to be willing to listen.

(Before someone jumps down my throat: no, I’m not a Universalist. Back off, Kato!)