1. You multi-task by writing your paper for class in the car while driving to work.

2. You’re on a first name basis with the Arby’s drive-thru crew.

3. No, really. The breakfast crew, the lunch crew and the dinner crew.

4. You can’t remember what a full night’s sleep is.

5. Your car is your dining room and sometimes bed.

6. You vaguely remember having friends and family but can’t remember what any of them look like.

7. You also vaguely remember having a social life.

8. You get caught up on current events by scaning the tabloid headlines in the line at the grocery store.

9. You bought stock in caffine pills and coffee.

10. You didn’t have time to read this blog. (Or in my case, wasted precious minutes writing it.)


P.S. You know that look that guys give you when they aren’t thinking about having sex with you? Yeah, me either. >:-(