So the new caramel apple milkshake at Steak n’ Shake: definite yum factor!

I’m going to a writing conference in Ohio this weekend. Should be interesting. I’ve never been to one of these. I’m excited though. (Not as excited as *some people* but still excited. 🙂 ) I may or may not get to sit in on a dialogue writing class. Depends on if Mo can pull some strings. (Hehe, I called you Mo in my blog. 😀 )

My faith in the fact that I *am* a good student is slowly but surely being restored. I got my 2nd Logic test back last night: I got an A! *happy dance* Annnnnd!!!!! The Argument Evaluation that I thought I had bombed because, frankly, I just didn’t care: A minus! Thank you so much! And and and! (Can you tell I’m excited about *this*?!) I got my 2nd paper for Comp. back and here are some of my teacher’s comments: “At present this appears to be somewhere between above average and excellent. It is potentially excellent as a whole. At present, parts of it are excellent……Your essay is, at present, never boring. (Congrats!)…..In any event, this is a powerful draft and a gift to readers.” SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my hard work and tears and reliving that horrid, horrid time in my life paid off!!!!!!! (And collaborating with someone who knows what he’s doing! Thanks Mo! *big wet kiss on the forehead* 😉 ) I’m a good student!!!!!!! And my writing is a gift to readers!!!!!!!! 😀

Has anyone taken that Airbourne stuff that every keeps talking about? That immune system building stuff? Well, I’m about to try it. It was invented by a teacher for heaven’s sake. And with the number of snotty noses I’ve already seen this year (not to mention Reegan having the stomach flu last week! :-P), my poor body needs all the help it can get. (I know, I know. Milkshake: not helping.)

Okay, I’m off to continue revamping my preschool stuff since some parent complained that I wasn’t teaching their 2/3 year old enough. And packing. I need to pack for tomorrow. Bye all!