I am not arguing about my faith anymore.

Life is too short to be spent in circular arguments that get no where. And more often than not, the arguing convinces no one. It only leaves people frustrated and angry with each other.

If you think my faith is stupid and blind, fine.

If you think I have some wrong ideas about life, fine.

If you think that my belief in Jesus makes me a worse person, fine.

If you think I’m wrong about pre-marital sex, heaven, hell, what loving people looks like, the Cannanite genocide, or eating pork, fine.

If you think that I’m unintelligent because I don’t have an answer for every question you pose, fine.

I’m done. Not because anyone has scared me off. Not because they’ve shaken my faith. Not because I can’t handle the pressure. But because I have better things to do than argue with people. That’s not who I am. I have a job and school and friends and a church and my family to worry about. You have your opinions and I have mine and as long as what you do doesn’t effect me, go live your life. Traveling mercies to you!

I will not argue anymore. Ya’ll can argue til you’re blue in the face. I’ll be over here actually living my life and doing the things I was too busy standing up for to do.