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No Annie, not that kind. 😉

1. I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!! Part-time assistant teacher. I start Monday. They claim that they really truly can work with my school schedule. (I’m still skeptical and will be expecting to be booted at the first sign of conflict but maybe they aren’t lying.)

2. My dance performance is tomorrow night! Yay! Scottish Rite Cathedral. 8:00. Be there!

3. My final project is due Saturday morning for Children’s Lit and then I’m done with that too! (Pray I’m awake. Yay coffee!)

4. One more paper to write and then I’m done with Art Appreciation! (The only thing I’m gonna appreciate is being done but oh well.)

5. My grandma put the check in the mail for my classes this summer! Yay Grandma and Grandpa!

6. I have Girl Scout Thin Mints!

7. Did I mention I have a job?! 😀

I’m a very middle of the road thinker. I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I find myself agreeing with points and disagreeing with points on both sides. I am neither for guns nor against them. I don’t support abortions nor do I condemn the women who have had them. (But for the grace of God, there go I.) I guess this makes me postmodern.

Modernists are very all or nothing in their thinking. You’re either a Republican or a Democrat. A liberal or a conservative. A Christian or not. (And probably on the opposite side, an Atheist or not.) You either support gun control or you don’t. You support the war in Iraq or you don’t. You support gay marriage or not. There’s no inbetween. No grey. No half-assing it.

Is meeting people half-way wrong? Why does saying “you have some valid points” make you wishy-washy? If I can concede that the “opposing party” has some good things to say, does that really invalidate my argument? I think that is the fear. I think that modernists tend to fear that if you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile. Looking at it strictly from a Christian perspective, I certain see that played out in churches. You can’t be a Christian and a Democrat. You have to support the 2nd Amendment, the war in Iraq, the death penalty, and be against gay marriage and abortion. People fear that if you give someone too much freedom, they’ll run with it. And maybe they will. But the alternative is living in fear. The alternative is how we end up with schools like Liberty and Pensacola, where their biggest concern is making certain the students don’t step over a line. There is no trust, no innocent until proven guilty. From the moment you sign the “honor” statement, you and all your fellow students are guilty of crimes you have yet to commit.

I used to think like this. My parents are fairly hardcore in their beliefs so of course I was raised to think what they thought. But when I got to the age where I could think for myself, I began to find that I wasn’t so hardcore. There wasn’t just black and white. There was grey. It didn’t have to be either/or. There could be both/and. I can be both against abortion and for protecting the environment. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I can both be a Christian and still respect other religions.

When I started to think like this, I thought I’d have the best of both worlds. I didn’t have to be completely against anyone. I could meet people halfway. What didn’t occur to me was the fact that the either/or people would still expect me to be either/or as well. They didn’t want me meeting them halfway. They wanted all of me or none of me. I either believe that God hates homosexuals or I’m not one of them. I either believe that I have to be married with kids to be fulfilling my purpose or I’m not one of them. I either believe that dancing is a sin or I’m not one of them. I either believe that anyone who isn’t (their definition of) a Christian is going to (their definition of) Hell or….hey, I might be going to Hell.

Didn’t Paul meet the people of Athens half-way? Didn’t he see the fact that they were a very religious people as a good thing? Why does half-way have to be a bad thing? I’m not so insecure in my beliefs that I can’t admit that someone who believes differently from me might be right. I often say “I could be wrong”. I really could. But I would much rather meet people in the middle instead of clinging so tightly to my beliefs that I miss out on other viewpoints and interesting conversations.

The day we are completely satisfied with what we have been doing; the day we have found the perfect….answer, never in need of being corrected again, on that day we will know that we are wrong, that we have made the greatest mistake of all. – Vincent Donovan

He who thinks that he is finished, is finished….Those who think they have arrived, have lost their way. Those who think they have reached their goal, have missed it. Those who think they are saints, are demons. – Henri Nouwen

A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking. – Anonymous

What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts, and experiences otherwise than we do? – Friedrich Nietzche

The worst prison would be a closed heart. – Pope John Paul II

Everytime we are faced with a shooting, it raises the question of gun control. Could we have stopped this by taking away everyone’s guns? Should we make it harder to get a gun? If we take away the guns, will only the “bad guys” have access to them? What could we have done to stop this?

Before I go any further, let me state for the people who merely skim these blogs and get mad about something I didn’t really say, I am not advocating gun control.

With that said, let me also say that I don’t particularly like guns. I think it speaks to the fallenness of man that, instead of more people trying to cure cancer or end hunger, we have hundreds of people sitting around trying to come up with better ways to blow each others heads off. I realize that everyone has been put in something of a defensive position and that if we didn’t do this, we’d be taken out faster than you can say 2nd Amendment. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to like it. I realize that a world without violence is extremely idealistic but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it.

Since we find ourselves in this position, I do believe that we need to exercise better control over something that can take away someone’s life in mere seconds. Cho Seung-hui should *not* have been able to get ahold of a gun legally. He had been declared mentally ill in 2005 and was ordered by the court to seek outpatient care. Which, by all appearances, he never did because no one enforced it. Many people dropped the ball on this. He was given a background check when he purchased the gun. Apparently being declared “an imminent danger to himself and others” was’t enough to make the gun seller pause. Or the check didn’t dig deep enough. I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but the kid looked insane. If I had been the dealer, that would have made me at least cover all my bases in the background check. This wasn’t a guy who was otherwise calm and quiet and then lost it. He had serious mental problems. Enough that students and teachers had reported him numerous times. He should not have been able to purchase a gun. He should have been institutionalized.

I don’t believe that guns should be taken away from law abidding citizens but I also don’t think that everyone should have a gun. I’ve heard people say “If the kids on that campus had been carrying guns….” This too is dangerous. People are trigger happy, especially after something like this. All it would take is a car backfiring and someone would be pulling out their gun because they think they’re being shot at. Also, firing a gun is not as easy as it looks in the movies. People who buy guns should either A: have already taken a class to teach them how to handle a weapon or B: be enrolled in a class when they purchase the gun with a follow up to make sure they take it. Some people are naturals with a gun. Most are not. Some people are calm and collected in scary situations. Most are not. If the VA Tech students had all had guns on them, it’s likely more people would have been killed. There is a possibility that Seung-hui would have been stopped sooner. But I don’t think that’s as likely. Because the kids would have freaked out, more shots would have been fired, probably by people who had had no or very little training, and more casualties would have occured. “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” – Men in Black

So no, I don’t believe that gun control is the answer. Nor do I believe that giving everyone a gun is the answer. I believe that people like Sheung-hui should be placed in institutions. I believe that background checks should be more thorough. I believe that tragedies like this could be avoided if Americans weren’t so damn lazy and didn’t have the mindset of “someone else will take care of it.” Sure, some people are still going to slip through the cracks. But if we all took responsibility and didn’t leave it to “someone else”, not as many would. My heart goes out to the families and the faculty, staff and students of VA Tech. My prayer is that we would continue to rally around them and support them.

“We are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious, we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, intellectually; we need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves.” C.S. Lewis

When: April 27th

Time: 8:00 PM

Where: Scottish Rite Cathedral

Cost: $10 per person ($8 if purchased in advance. Contact me for details.)

Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, The Moving Company does it all. Come watch us dance to Enigma, Bjork, Garth Brooks, and others!

But he rose from the dead and mounted up to the heights of heaven.
When the Lord had clothed himself with humility,
and had suffered for the sake of the sufferer,
and had been bound for the sake of the imprisoned,
and had been judged for the sake of the condemned,
and buried for the sake of the one who was buried,
he rose up from the dead,
and cried with a loud voice;
Who is he that contends with me?
Let him stand in opposition to me.
I set the condemned man free;
I gave the dead man life;
I raised up one who had been entombed.
Who is my opponent?
I, he says, am the Christ.
I am the one Who destroyed death,
and triumphed over the enemy,
and trampled Hades underfoot,
and bound the strong one,
and carried off man
to the heights of heaven.
I, he says, am the Christ.

Sorry to all you people who have been waiting on my WHC report. It was a fun time and I want to be in a lighthearted spirit when I write it and this is not the time.

Back at the beginning of Febuary, Valorie came to me and told me that she was going to put Reegan into daycare. I was able to answer that that was just fine as I had just started another job the previous week. Basically I worked full-time for a month, then switched from nannying to the computer job. No big deal, just different hours and different work.

Today I was told that they needed full-time employees who could travel at a moment’s notice. Since I am in school and that is my priority right now, I couldn’t give them that. So I was let go. This time, I don’t have a net to catch me when I fall. I have a one day a week nanny job that I get about $60 from.

I have been feeling so blessed recently. I had all these people around me who desperately needed jobs and I continued to have them fall into my lap. When I left CFA, I was without a job for 4 months, then I started working with Reegan. Then my mom handed over Mom’s Day Out to me. Then MOPS. Then Wisdom Builders. Then even when Valorie let me go, I had the computer job and the very next week, my doctor asked me to nanny for his daughter one day a week. All of these jobs came without me having to send out resumes or anything. Simply by knowing people. I can only hope that something similar is about to happen. Because I have to pay my way through school. I am trying to pay off Sallie Mae and Indiana Wesleyan. My family is not going to be able to help me much, if at all. So I have to have a job.

Otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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