Sorry to all you people who have been waiting on my WHC report. It was a fun time and I want to be in a lighthearted spirit when I write it and this is not the time.

Back at the beginning of Febuary, Valorie came to me and told me that she was going to put Reegan into daycare. I was able to answer that that was just fine as I had just started another job the previous week. Basically I worked full-time for a month, then switched from nannying to the computer job. No big deal, just different hours and different work.

Today I was told that they needed full-time employees who could travel at a moment’s notice. Since I am in school and that is my priority right now, I couldn’t give them that. So I was let go. This time, I don’t have a net to catch me when I fall. I have a one day a week nanny job that I get about $60 from.

I have been feeling so blessed recently. I had all these people around me who desperately needed jobs and I continued to have them fall into my lap. When I left CFA, I was without a job for 4 months, then I started working with Reegan. Then my mom handed over Mom’s Day Out to me. Then MOPS. Then Wisdom Builders. Then even when Valorie let me go, I had the computer job and the very next week, my doctor asked me to nanny for his daughter one day a week. All of these jobs came without me having to send out resumes or anything. Simply by knowing people. I can only hope that something similar is about to happen. Because I have to pay my way through school. I am trying to pay off Sallie Mae and Indiana Wesleyan. My family is not going to be able to help me much, if at all. So I have to have a job.

Otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do.