No Annie, not that kind. 😉

1. I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!! Part-time assistant teacher. I start Monday. They claim that they really truly can work with my school schedule. (I’m still skeptical and will be expecting to be booted at the first sign of conflict but maybe they aren’t lying.)

2. My dance performance is tomorrow night! Yay! Scottish Rite Cathedral. 8:00. Be there!

3. My final project is due Saturday morning for Children’s Lit and then I’m done with that too! (Pray I’m awake. Yay coffee!)

4. One more paper to write and then I’m done with Art Appreciation! (The only thing I’m gonna appreciate is being done but oh well.)

5. My grandma put the check in the mail for my classes this summer! Yay Grandma and Grandpa!

6. I have Girl Scout Thin Mints!

7. Did I mention I have a job?! 😀