Warning: suggestive content. 😉

15. We’ve mastered the five positions perfectly.

14. We have perfect hip rotation.

13. We’re used to getting on our knees and rolling around on the ground.

12. We have excellent stamina – we can go for hours, even when it hurts.

11. We have really good rhythm.

10. We are used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing.

9. Can you say nice legs?

8. Our moves are always perfectly choreographed.

7. We do it in front of mirrors.

6. We’re not as delicate and fragile as we look.

5. We’re perfectionists: we’ll keep going until we hit it.

4. After a quick intermission we’re ready to go at it again.

3. Sometimes, we perform multiple times a day.

2. We don’t mind getting hot and sweaty.

1. One word: flexibility.


From one of my Facebook groups.