Comment and I will select a letter for you.
List 10 things starting with that letter that you love.
Post this in your journal.

I was given ‘B’ by Crystal.

1. Buffy! (It’s first because I’m pretty sure that’s what Crystal was thinking of when she gave it to me. 😀 )

2. Babies (As long as I can give them back when they get cranky, I love them!)

3. Books (Or maybe that should go under ‘C’ for crack cocaine!)

4. Blankets (Specifically my soft, fuzzy one)

5. Bottled water (It’s a lifesaver at work.)

6. Bears (As in teddy bears. I have quite the collection.)

7. Black and white photography (Yes, I’m cheating……)

8. Broccoli (You heard me…..)

9. Bands (Such as Dave Matthews!)

10. Blogging (If it weren’t for this blog, everything would be bottled up inside. And that would be bad.)

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