Now ask me what “truth” is. If you do, my answer will be “I don’t know”. I thought I did. But that is gone. Do I believe that there is truth? Yes. Do I believe that the truth is something we are capable of finding? Yes. Do I believe that we often have to search hard to find it? Yes. Do I believe that it is always easy to live out this truth? No. Do I know what or who or where it is? No. Will I know it when I see it? I hope so.

Deception is a powerful thing. Deception is what led the world into sin. Deception is what Satan uses against us time and again. He whispers in your ear and makes you doubt yourself, others, God. Or he makes you believe that you are God. Lies can destroy. They can destroy a marriage, a friendship, a ministry, a nation. And once the trust is gone, it is hard to regain it.

Truth can rebuild what deception destroys. But it takes time and hard work. It takes commitment. Someone once said that it takes two people to tell the truth. One person to speak it and one to hear it. But how do you know when you are hearing it?

Is the Truth a person? Is Jesus Truth? He said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Is there truth outside of Him? Truth comes in various forms. Too many to name. Are each of them Jesus? “All truth is God’s truth.” Perhaps that is why I still believe in truth. Even after the lies that I have been told and believed, even after the lies I have told, I still believe in Truth.