*If you’re easily offended in the area of religion, the following post may not be for you.*

How great is our God? I mean, really. This has been going around and around in my head. On one hand, I know that He is the Creator. I know that He technically owes us no explanation. I know that if I had created a little world and it’s inhabitants started demanding answers, I wouldn’t give them an answer every time either. And don’t act like you wouldn’t either. Have you ever told a child “Because I said so”? That’s what I thought.

But sometimes I want answers, damn it! I’d like to know why certain people have gone through or are going through certain things. I know, I know. Big picture, tapestry of tangled thread, blah blah blah. Those answers are usually fine. But not right now. Not when God appears to have turned His back. Not when I feel like any connection with my Creator has been cut off.

I am clinging to my faith by a thread and sometimes I don’t know why. The answer I keep coming up with is “Where else would I go?” Every religion has some deity that you have to contend with. And I don’t know that I could become an Atheist. I think that would require more faith. But really, I just want to know that He’s there. That He gives a damn. That He truly is our Abba Father and not some sadist messing with the ants for His own twisted pleasure.

Where are You?