Today was absolutely gorgeous out. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds, the sky was a lovely shade of blue. I remember walking with my friend Lisa at Liberty and it was one of those “beginning to get warm after too many months of snow” days and she looked up at the sky and said “That is my favorite shade of blue.” Blue is my favorite color but I don’t know that I can narrow it down past that.

Less than a month until I can get a new cell phone. Thank God! If I have to put up with many more calls where I can barely hear whoever I’m talking to, this phone is going in a pond somewhere. I don’t care where but it will be sleeping with the fishes.

Hung out with Shane and Adam tonight after our Maundy Thursday (I *always* think of ‘The Godfather’ when I hear that) service. I swear every time I hang out with Shane, somehow we start talking about horrific scenes in movies and we always cover “the curb scene” in ‘American History X’, a torture scene in a George Clooney movie, and a scene from ‘Payback’. Every frigging time! And then Shane and Adam started talking about ‘American Idol’ and I was out. Sometimes I think I should watch some of these shows so I know what people are talking about but mostly I just don’t care! I’ll watch the dance ones but only ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ have kept my attention. At any rate, apparently there is a girl with a really thick Irish accent on Idol and those two were going on and on about her. So now I want to at least see her sing. I guess her accent disappears when she sings and that always fascinates me.

My body is still aching from my class Tuesday. I’m gonna have to be careful not to hurt myself because I was having a rough time of it in dance last night. And of course we were doing shoulder rolls but I just couldn’t do it.

I got an A on my first composition portfolio of the semester. That made me very happy. My teacher was all “Wow, you *really* knocked that one out of the park.” And I’m all “*blush* Thank you.” and then she’s all “Of course, you realize that you have set the bar really high for yourself for this next project, right?” Darn my brilliance. πŸ˜‰

I’m beginning to wonder if Mikayla has developed OCD traits from having me as a big sister. It’s either that or she just can’t think of anything else to talk with me about because we have the same freakin conversation at least twice a day.

Her: How many days until your church? (She still calls it “your church” even though I’m typically the only one who takes her to church.)

Me: x number of days

Her: Are you going to wear your Easter dress?

Me: Yes.

Her: Are you going to iron it? (I made the mistake of ironing in front of her and telling her I needed to iron both our Easter dresses.)

Me: Yes.

Her: Are Reese and Malcolm gonna be there?

Me: Yes.

Her: What about Emmy and Bubby?

Me: Yes.

Her: What about Elijah?

Me: Yes.

Her: Okay!

Two hours later, lather, rinse, repeat. Maybe she’s hoping to incite me to a murder/suicide. If that’s the case, we’re well on our way. Actually, it would be a murder/suicide/suicide. Because she’s driving Mom up a wall too. *I* at least had the decency not to give into the impulse to throw my cup of ice water in her face when she was being obstreperous. Then again, my mother is the woman who, when I was two and decided I wanted to wear my food instead of eat it, got so frustrated with me that she took a big heaping spoonful of whatever it was (oatmeal maybe?) and proceeded to dump it on my head. I, of course, have no recollection of this. Partly because I was two and partly because I have the memory of a gnat. However Mikayla has a steel trap of a mind (she still remembers where I worked in high school) and will probably be on some psychiatrists couch talking about the time her mother threw Easter cookies at her because she was having a fit. That is how the women in my family resolve our frustration with you: we throw food at you. *Now* who wants to marry me, eh?! πŸ˜€

Speaking of the ‘M’ word, a friend recommended a book to me called ‘Getting Serious About Getting Married’. I plan to read it, hopefully once school is out. I’m curious because for one: it’s a Christian book. And the Christian books I have read on dating/marriage are, well, picture me with a spoon down my throat. I have a feeling I’m going to be doing nothing but mocking it as I read but my friend said that she wasn’t sure she’d agree with it either and ended up liking it. So I will do my best to read with an open mind.

My sewing machine needs fixed. Grrr. In case you’re wondering, yes, that means none of the sewing I intended to do on Spring break got accomplished. But I found a site today that totally inspired me. I’ve been itching to make another costume but just don’t have the time. Maybe over the summer. (Haha, Annie! “Not brave! Stupid!”) But that was pretty much the only thing that I didn’t get at all done on my list. I got my hair cut and dyed. (It’s not black but it’s a *very* dark brown. I’ll probably take pictures of us in our Easter attire and I’ll post them on here. I need to figure out that whole photo thing.) I got a ton of homework done. Not all but a lot. I got my Easter dress, obviously. And it meets Mikayla’s standards. πŸ˜› (Since when do I let the 8-year-old dress me?) I didn’t get around to that whole curing cancer thing but I was a tad busy fighting with the sewing machine and my computer. Maybe next Spring break.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. If you made it past Mikayla’s and my inane, repetitive, and redundant conversation, give yourself a cookie. Ciao!