Listening: ‘Take On Me’ by A-HA (I’m actually listening to the whole album but this is my favorite song.)

Reading: ‘The Heart of Christianity’ by Marcus J. Borg

Thinking: I want to know what I would look like as a comic book character!

Feeling Guilty: For wishing Jesus would hurry up and get through the Stations of the Cross* so I could go pee.**

How to Annoy Me: Turn left at the light and then stop, leaving me stuck in the middle of the intersection with a car coming right at me.

How to Charm Me: Laugh so hard all the adults at the table think you’re going to throw up the cookie you’re eating.

* No, we are not Catholic. We do, however, respect and incorporate some of their traditions into our services.

** Explanation so you all don’t think I’m headed straight for Hell: Last night for our Good Friday service, Shane and I and one other person led everyone through the Stations of the Cross. There were pictures up on the screen and music playing. Shane gave the historical part, the other person gave an “eyewitness” account, and I led into a time of prayer and reflection on each Station. There are 14 Stations and about halfway through, the coke I had been drinking…..erm…….got to me. So in the middle of everyone being quiet and serious and praying and thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made for us, I’m sitting there all “Let’s go! I have to pee!” I’m sure this will be a sermon point at some time about how our selfish nature can take over even in the midst of holiness. 😉