Listening: ‘I Ache For You’ by Ben Lee (Yes, I am a Gilmore Girls freak. But I like the song so just ignore the actual video.)

Reading: Top 10 Reasons to Watch the New Season of ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Thinking: I should really be working on my paper.

How to Annoy Me: Insinuate that I need to lose weight when you and I both know I am nowhere near suffering from obesity. (It’s a wonder I make it through doorways, no?)

How to Charm Me: Tell me I’m beautiful without expecting anything in return. (Of course, this will lead to my blushing but for some of you, that seems to just be an added bonus. My guy friends are strange.)

Quote for the Day: Dance til the stars come down from the rafters. – W. H. Auden